10 of the most Expensive Basketball Shoes You Can Buy On The Net

Basketball is almost a religion to some and the prices of certain styles and year of basketball shoe can command exorbitant prices today. Today, you will see 10 pairs of shoes that fit all the definitions of a classic. They have style, they are rugged, and they are some of the most expensive shoes on the planet.

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You can see them for yourself and even purchase them if you hurry as with any classic supply and demand control the pricing.

Once these are gone, you might not see their like again.

10. $489.99 – $699.99 Jordan 11 Retro “Gamma” Men’s Basketball Shoes Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize 378037-006

10. $489.99 - $699.99 Jordan 11 Retro
This is at the low end of the Highest Priced Shoes you can get on Amazon nowadays.

This is leather Synthetic that has the Jordan Logo, which symbolizes one of the greats in basketball.

Black in color so they go with whatever you’re wearing whether for sport or going out on the town this shoe can do it all and with its corder mesh and the carbon fiber Spring Plate this is the height of Fashion as well as sport.

When you go out partying or for dinner, everyone will recognize who you are by just your shoes.

9. $510.00 – $730.00 Nike Mens Air Jordan 12 Retro “Playoff” Leather Basketball Shoes

9. $510.00 - $730.00 Nike Mens Air Jordan 12 Retro
With the iconic number 23 on the heel, you are wearing the real deal. Air Jordan Playoff series with its Black/ White and red varsity coloring that goes with your game or when you are out for a night of fun.

They are fashionable and are a cut above the other shoes that are be worn, out there right now as there is nothing better than the best and Air Jordans are the best shoe you can get for the money.

Snap these up now as when they’re gone there’s no telling when you’ll have a chance to buy a pair at this low cost.

8. $512.94 – $1,000.00 Nike Mens Penny Pack QS “Sharpie” Black/Game Royal-White Synthetic

8. $512.94 - $1,000.00 Nike Mens Penny Pack QS
You have Nike quality and craftsmanship that goes into their every product. But, it is especially apparent when you look at these. They look great on the court and out on the dance floor as well.

They are comfortable as they look and the Royal/White coloring sets these shoes apart from the run of the mill sort shoe that you see running around the Basketball stadiums and sports arenas.

This is the crème Del la crème of high fashion in Nikes’s line of superlative shoes.

7. $520.00 – $870.00 Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 Retro 2011 Basketball Shoe

7. $520.00 - $870.00 Nike Men's Air Jordan 3 Retro 2011 Basketball Shoe
Air Jordans command high prices no matter which style you choose. But in the Retro styles, they reach the limits of Nike’s ingenuity in getting you every iota of performance enhancement possible.

That means you are always on your game either on or off the court as the white & cement gray coloring lends itself to fashion wear as well as sports activities.

The Jordan 3 is a classic and is in a class all of its own. It takes a special person to appreciate this level of sophistication that asks you “Are you Ready For This?”

6. $590.00 – $730.00 JORDAN JORDAN 7 RETRO Style# 304774 BIG KIDS

6. $590.00 - $730.00 JORDAN JORDAN 7 RETRO Style# 304774 BIG KIDS
With the Jordan Logo you know you are in for something special when you put these shoes on and hit the court. You move like the winner, your ankles are supported, and with the specially designed sole and heel you layups and jump shots are right on.

When you’re done on the court these shoes look equally good when you hit the streets for going out to dinner and dancing. What works on the court works on the dance floor or the boardroom as well.

You can wear these shoes with anything, as Jordan is a brand name that is synonymous with quality and good taste.

5. $600.00 Li-Ning Way Of Wade Autographed ABAG055-2 US SZ 9.5 Shanghai Warrior Limit

5. $600.00 Li-Ning Way Of Wade Autographed ABAG055-2 US SZ 9.5 Shanghai Warrior Limit
Here are autographed pair of Dwyane Wade edition basketball shoes that push the limit, as does he when he and the Miami Heat hit the court to play in head-to-head competition.

These shoes are finely crafted with the type or workmanship that Wade expects before he lends his name to this product.

Whether you are on or off the court you will be proud to wear these shoes anywhere you go or whatever you’re doing you will do it with style and panache that emulates the grace and power that Dwyane exhibits when he goes in for a layup or psyches out his opponent.

4. $602.00 Air Jordan I (1) Retro HI OG Chicago 555088-101 US SZ 9.5

4. $602.00 Air Jordan I (1) Retro HI OG Chicago 555088-101 US SZ 9.5
Air Jordan I’s are getting harder and harder to find. Especially in the Chicago colors where he made a name for himself and the Bulls went on to win Championship after Championship Ring.

Now, you can relive those days by wearing the best in a basketball shoe and one that has a history of winning that lasted for a record of six championship wins and two three-peats between 1991 and 1998.

When you’re on the court you glide past the opposing team as if they were standing still and off the court you are stylish and in fashion always.

3. $609.99 – $724.95 Nike Men’s Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Basketball Shoe

3. $609.99 - $724.95 Nike Men's Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Basketball Shoe
Released for the 90s and the Fresh prince of Bel Air these Jordan 5’s dresses you out to the 9s and you are in a fashionable grey leather and synthetic design that plays well on the court, at work, and going out for the evening.

Michael authorized these shoes because he was a fan of the shoe and he wanted to commemorate it with limited edition shoe, which means when the last pair is gone you may never see their like again

Play hard, look good, and be in fashion always with Air Jordan.

2. $772.27 – $1,591.99 Nike Mens Lebron X EXT Cork QS Synthetic Basketball Shoes

2. $772.27 - $1,591.99 Nike Mens Lebron X EXT Cork QS Synthetic Basketball Shoes
Lebron James is a phenomenon on an off the court. He can memorize the moves of the other teams and anticipate their very thoughts it seems as he blazes his way across the court.

His phenomenonal memory aids him also in doing business, as he is also a highly successful businessman as well as one of basketball’s superstars.

Now you can wear the specially designed shoe that he himself authorized and wears.

You can wear them for sport or work. They fit with any clothing and they are in a cork colored pattern of his Alma Mater that blends well with your entire wardrobe.

1. $900.00 – $1,200.00 Nike Mens Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack “GMP” Leather Basketball Shoes

1. $900.00 - $1,200.00 Nike Mens Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack
Here is a special treat The Gold Limited Edition of Michael Jordan’s famous Air Jordans in their original packaging. Shoes that are almost impossible to get nowadays and you can get them for a song.

Brand new and never been worn. A chance like this is too good to pass up. Whether you are a collector or want to wear them to dress to impress.

You can by two of the remaining pairs, wear one, and save the other as a keepsake. What better way to remember the Basketball Dynasty of 1991 through 1998 when Mike lead the Bulls to the championship not once but 6 times a feat that has yet to be duplicated or surpassed in the annals of NBA play.

10 pairs of shoes that only a true basketball aficionado could appreciate or afford to own, you’ve seen the best that, Nike as well as other brands have to offer. If you have a will and the cash you can own a pair of Basketball shoes that are legendary.

History is a fleeting commodity, so you had better get your order in soon, before these shoes are all snapped up by the readers of this article.

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