Top 10 Best Apple Watch Cases Reviews

If you are also a fan of the Apple Watch, besides the screen protector, you might also need a case to fully protect your Apple Watch from scratches as well as dust. And, when it comes to selecting the best cases for your Apple Watch, it might not be an easy thing to do at all, especially when you have never bought the product before. However, that is not a problem anymore as you are already arriving in this review. We have the top 10 best Apple Watch cases to suggest to you.

Initially, let’s look at the Apple Watch case from Spigen. Spigen is certainly a very popular brand for phone accessories. However, they also produce good quality accessories for Apple Watch, and this case is one of the best products from them. With good design and great price, this TPU case was built with amazing flexibility and durability, making it a great one for you.

2. Apple Watch Case Spigen Built-In Screen Protector

Another great design of the Apple Watch case is also from the Spigen. However, this model is specially made with a built-in screen protector. This makes it even easier for you since you will not at all have to care about buying another screen protector for the watch to have the full protection. For its material, hard PC and soft TPU are the two which are used to produce this fine quality Apple Watch case. 

3. Apple Watch Case SpigUltra-Thin

Though coming from the same Spigen brand, this Apple Watch case is a special one made in ultra slim design. Importantly, after installing to the watch, it makes the watch look even greater while its protection function is there to keep your watch new for a long time. This is indeed the Apple Watch case design of 2015, and it comes with the latest technology along with the best fit and features.

Having the phrase “Tough Armor” as a part of its design, this case comes in beautiful orange with good protection features. With this case on, scratches and shock will never be a problem at all. The screen protector is also a part of the case, and then you will not need to another screen protector. This case alone could bring your Apple Watch the prefect full protection. However, because its quality is higher, its price is more expensive, accordingly.

Best made for shock and scratch resistant, this version of Apple Watch case instead from Spigen is a two in one package. Besides having the case in, 2 high quality screen protectors are also included. Also, the TPU material used to produce this case is extremely flexible, and it will allow you a great convenient use of this case with your Apple Watch. And, simply, this Apple Watch case is best for the 2015 model of Apple Watch.

As well an amazing model of the Apple Watch case, the Spigen Air Cushion is terrific with its design, quality and durability. Being sold at quite an affordable price, the case is very nice for smart protection of your Apple Watch from scratch and shock. Made from soft TPU, this case is as well very flexible for its protection function. Coming also with two screen protectors, the design of this case will also make you very convenient when wearing your Apple Watch.

From a different brand, this Apple Watch case has a complete design, and it is produced and sold by Monoy. Having ultra-thin design, many users really like the case for its quality as well as the good presentation. Crystal TPU is the main material of this case, and it makes the product as well long lasting for use with great flexibility for the protection. For installing and removing, it can be done quite easily.

At a good price to order, this is the LUVVITT cristal case for Apple Watch, and it was produced in 38 mm thickness. For full body protection, this case is perfect. Thus, scratches will likely never happen at all to your Apple Watch after this case has been installed. Also for all it one feature, the screen protector is also designed as an integration to this case, making it even more lovely.

At another style, you can find its charming and unique design from the Apple Watch case produced by i-Blason. It works best for protection, and it adds up great fashion into your watch. Importantly, it has many colors for your favorite while though this case is not, you are still fully accessible to any buttons of the Apple Watch. It is really precise design for the Apple Watch 2015.

The last lovely case is that of Poetic. As well being one of the best Apple Watch cases, its design makes this Apple Watch very attractive and fashionable with its crystal clear appearance. In relation to the quality, you will not need to worry even a bit. The case was made great, and it comes with three year warranty for your confideni order. Definitely, this is the case that worth your consideration.

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