The Best Automatic Pool Cleaners: 2021

Automatic pool cleaners save a lot of time and energy for those who own a backyard swimming pool. It is necessary to keep your back yard pool clean, to prevent bacteria from invading the pool filters or from causing illness, so if you have an in-ground, or above-ground swimming pool in the area surrounding your home it’s hard to imagine life without one of these automatic devices. Here are some product reviews about the 10 best automatic, or robotic swimming pool cleaners which will keep your pool clean all summer long.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic
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This pool cleaner looks like a bright blue toy tank, but it gets to work at the touch of a button to provide vacuum suction with jet-drive propulsion. Completing the job of cleaning any flat round, oval or rectangular flat-surface above ground pool in less than 24 hours and equipped with a timer that shuts off after 24 hours, this energetic robotic pool cleaner reduces the bill on your energy, water and fuel costs. The Aquabot has 40 feet of floating cable built-in as well as a 2 micron reusable filter bag. It is also packaged with a power supply transformer, a guidance system and non-marring wheels.

Powered by double jets, the Polaris Vac-Sweep scrubs, vacuums and sweeps all surfaces of your in-ground pool, no matter what size or shape it is. All of the cleaning is performed in just 3 hours, which makes the Polaris one of the most efficient pool cleaners on the market. Another hard-working feature of this machine is its filter bag, which catches small to large objects and debris which have fallen into your pool before they damage the pool filter. Also equipped with a 31ft hose kit, the Polaris requires its own booster pump to keep it working at maximum performance levels.

The Diver Dave is an above-ground pool cleaner which has been manufactured with a patented SmartDrive Steering System. The Hayward 700 works in conjunction with your pool’s filtration system, so you will not be troubled with changing debris bags. This machine sweeps along the floor of your pool in a circular motion improving your pool’s circulation by dredging up water from the bottom of the pool as it does the job of cleaning it. This a quiet pool cleaner; the turbine gearing system ensures that the flow of water is constantly balanced and Diver Dave’s contoured head allows the self-selected steering pattern to be quickly completed.

Despite its long name and bright blue colouring, the Kreepy Krawly Pool Cleaner vacuum cleans all in-ground pools, no matter what their size, shape or construction. This under-water vacuum cleaner attaches to your current filtration system, eliminating the need for electrical cables, although it requires a 3/4hp or 1600ghp swimming pool pump to work properly. The Kreepy Krawly does its best work in pools 16ft x 32ft in size. This vacuum pool cleaner will not function unless the water in the pool is more than 3ft deep.

The Dolphin Nautilus scrubs, vacuums and filters the whole of your pool in 3 hours, as powerful scrubbers clean along its forward pathway. An interesting feature of this machine is that it has been designed to work in salty water of up to 5000ppm. The 60ft in length swivel cable is virtually unable to be tangled. Two filters are packaged with the machine including a spring clean-up filter and an easily cleanable cartridge filter for day-to-day use. The Nautilus is a hard-working pool cleaner despite its small size – its filtration rate is 4,223gph.

With up to 32ft of hoses included the Zodiac Barracuda is different because it cleans both in-ground pools and above-ground pools. This machine arrives on your doorstep pre-assembled in the box, so just attach the disc and the hoses and away you go. The suction-side cleaner easily hooks up to a pool skimmer or vacuum line to keep the pool cleaner moving. This machine requires a minimum flow of 1600gph or ¾ hp to function at its best.

This lightweight pool cleaner has been specifically designed for above-ground and small in-ground pools of dimensions 14ft x 28ft x 6ft. The Smart Pool 4i cleans vinyl liners, fibreglass and concrete surfaces. This machine also has dual cleaning modes, one for a 3 hour everyday clean and a special quick clean cycle of 1 hour only. The drainage system lets water drain away quickly so the machine is easy to lift from the pool.

The Blue Diamond Pro incorporates all the features of other pool cleaning machines into one. It also includes special feature such as a wireless 4-directional remote control, an infrared obstacle detection system, a zero depth air sensor and dual cleaning cycles. This machine is also able to clean pools with bulkheads or very shiny tiles. The Time Delay System can start the cleaning cycle several hours after you have left home, or in the case of a commercial pool, several hours after the pool is closed.

The Ecojet Robotic pool cleaner has many functions to recommend. For instance, the dirt and debris are vacuumed into the 19 quart internal filtration bag through off-centre cleaning ports. The filter bag itself can remove everything from hair, coins and sand to tiny micro-organisms. This ensures that you swim in extremely healthy water. The pump-motor has a high-speed impeller on top that directs water through the tubes and straight to the floor of the pool for a high-power clean. This machine can climb side walls of an up to 60 degree incline.

This pressure Pool cleaner has a 4 Wheel Drive, just like an SVU, so that it can keep going over the top of large obstacles. The Poolvergnuegen is also unique in that it has an internally programmed steering system which causes the wheel on the left to turn backwards every so often. This in turn causes the Poolvergnuegen to turn in a different direction allowing the whole pool to be cleaned without instruction from the user. The main turn angles are 90 – 540 degrees and the pool cleaner will travel 12ft to 14ft before it changes direction. Must haves for optimal functioning are a dedicated pool-sweep pressure line, a 22 – 25 gallons per minute of water flow, 1 and a ½ inch plumbing and a variable or 2 speed main pool pump.

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