10 Best Binoculars For Hunting In 2020

An important tool for any hunters, some think binoculars are even as important as the rifle itself. Binoculars need to give you images which are crystal clear and they need to be durable enough to withstand the conditions of the bush and the weather.

Binoculars are used to scout out the terrain that surrounds you and to assist you in getting a better view of possible targets to distinguish sexes of animals and evaluate trophies.

A lot of hunters will go out early morning or late afternoon/early evening, so the light will therefore be low and the ability to gather light and brightness of the image made is critical. Usually the larger the objective lens is the beer the binocular will perform in low light. Other things you want to consider are the quality of the lenses, prisms and lens coatings.

Below you’ll find a list of the 10 best binoculars for hunting so you can decide for yourself which ones you need.

10. HookUpz Adapter by Carson

This product will easily connect to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 to most full sized binoculars. You’ll be able to take video or pictures right through the eyes of your binoculars with the built-in camera application on your smartphone. You can then email or text it to friends and family. The adapter comes with to rubber rings that are interchangeable and let the adapter fit most binoculars which have an outer eyepiece housing diameter between 40mm-44mm.

9. Deluxe Binocular Harness by Bushnell

This deluxe harness will keep the pressure off you while you are wearing your binoculars. The harness includes elastic straps and will position your rangefinder, binoculars or light camera so it rests comfortable on your chest, even if you are riding a horse or going over rough terrain. This will allow you to disperse the weight of your electronic device on your torso and shoulders instead of your neck being restricted and making it comfortable for you to hold the device for long periods.

8. Essentials Binocular by Tasco

The best-selling line from Tasco, Essentials combine quality construction with optical performance at a price that is affordable. The rubber-armored house absorbs shock and will protect the binoculars from weather and bumps. They are ultra-light and give you outstanding compact performance with 8x magnification, roof prism system, 21 mm objective lens, and 383 ft. of view at one thousand yards.

7. Trooper 8×40 DPS 1 Binoculars by Olympus

These binoculars allow you to enjoy the splendor around you while hunting and with its wide-angle field of view and UV-protected optics this is even truer. It has a high-quality and rugged black finish and a rubber coating to ensure your grip which also adds a classic look and feel. It has a close focus distance of 13.1 feet and a relative brightness of 25. These binoculars have a large center focus knob which is easy to find and use, so your viewing can be as clear as possible at all times.

6. Binocular Harness Strap by Vortex Optics

This harness gives you the most comfortable way to carry your binoculars for hours while you are hunting. The strap spreads the weight of your binoculars out across your shoulders for a viewing that is more relaxed. This strap will keep your binoculars from being jostled around as you are walking, plus it will free up the use of your hands. Keep your binoculars safe and close to your chest by using this harness as well.

5. Essentials 10×50 WA, Zip Focus Binocular by Tasco

A good pair of binoculars is one of life’s necessities if you are a hunter. These binoculars give you a bright and high-power view, plus offer a great performance when it comes to wide-angle views. These binoculars are porro-prism and are perfect for all kinds of activities besides hunting, such as camping trips or Sunday drives. They include fully multicoated lenses which optimize brightness and clarity, plus a weather-resistant and rugged housing that is coated with rubber armor. These are tough binoculars which are affordable as well.

4. Velocity Speed Gun by Bushnell

This velocity sped gun from Bushnell will tell you the speed of an object within plus or minus one mile per hour. It is fitted with a digital signal processing technology which is able to measure the speed of a moving vehicle from fifteen hundred feet or a baseball from up to ninety feet. It is really easy to measure the speed of your next target while hunting, and this device is so easy to use. It has a point and shoot pistol grip which shows you the fastest speed timed once you have released the trigger. The large LCD display will make it even easier to read.

3. PowerView High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars by Bushnell

These affordable binoculars come with several great features including multi-coated optics for the best light transmission. They include non-slip rubber armor which absorbs shock while giving you a firm grip and a new contemporary styling which looks great. They also have eyecups which fold down and they can adapt to a tripod. Enjoy the porro prism system for a clear view at all times, plus these binoculars are water and fog proof.

2. SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter by Celestron

These binoculars have a large aperture and are a superb value for binoculars that are high performance. They are especially great over long distances and feature high quality BAK-4 prisms plus multi-coated optics for contrast which is enhanced. The company has designed and engineered this model to meet the demands of terrestrial or extended astronomical viewing sessions. The 15×70 version is one of the most popular models and it gives you serious large aperture light gathering in a fairly lightweight combination.

1. Powerview Compact Folding Binocular by Bushnell

These quality and affordable binoculars provide you with all of the features you would need while out on your next hunting trip. They have full-coated optics for a view that is brighter and non-slip rubber armor which will absorb shock and give you a grip that is firm. It has attractive and contemporary styling plus fold-down eyecups with a center focus system. The lens are fully coated and they have a roof prism system.

You can’t go wrong with the above binoculars and accessories the next time you go hunting. You will be fully prepared to scope out your next target with these quality and affordable tools to help you see what you need to and have a successful hunt.

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