10 Best Bookcases In 2020 Reviews

Storage solutions are some of the most difficult items to pick out for your home. How will they affect the look of your room? What are they made of? Will they stand up to the collection you need to display, or collapse in a wood-composite pile the second someone brushes up against a corner? This review examines some of the best, most popular, most sought-after Bookcases sold on Amazon. Each has thousands of satisfied customers, but each comes out on top in its own special way. Taking the pros and cons of each into account, you can get a better idea of what your living room or office needs and the best Bookcase ready to fill those needs. Good luck!

1. The Sunders Multimedia Bookcase

While so many bookcases try to adapt to hold any collection, The Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower owes its incredibly success to the fact that it does one job and it does it to perfection. That job is storing CDs, DVDs, and rectangular game boxes. While the manufacturer’s claims on capacity are a bit exaggerated, a single Sunders Multimedia Bookcase can reliably hold 250 DVD cases, without a lot of empty wasted space, and with the cases flush with the edge of the bookcase like it was custom designed for your collection.

2. The Altra Metal Frame Ladder Style Bookcase

The Altra Metal Frame Ladder Style Bookcase is a sophisticated, battleship-solid addition to your modern office or den. The frame is metal, while the shelves themselves are a dark painted wood. The shelves are sized to hold books, binders, office supplies, mementos and more to create your own idealized display. Sloping ladder-style design is especially suited to basements, or non-standard 1/2-story second floor walls. But in the right office environment they look good anywhere. For a very affordable price, you get a premium-quality luxury look.

3. The Leaning Ladder Style Book and Magazine Shelf Bookcase

The Leaning Ladder Style Book and Magazine Shelf Bookcase provides an excellent storage spot for your living room or end-of-the-hallway collections. As the name implies, these shelves are just the right size for books and magazines, as well as displaying your favorite conversation pieces. This would also be a good spot for your living room stereo along with a collection of your favorite CDs or possibly even records if that’s how you roll. Side columns are solid wood for long-lasting support. While the shelves themselves are a wood composite with veneer for lightweight good looks.

4. The Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase

The Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase is a fast, easy way to add impressive storage and display options to your living room or den. With the smaller size, and just 2 adjustable shelves in the middle you’ll be able to get this Bookcase assembled and adjusted to the required specs of your collection in about 30 minutes. The shorter height means you are free to display what you want, in whatever order you want, without fear of it getting too top heavy and tippy. The wood itself is a quality composite, richly finished in a dark-tone Highland Oak. A muted shade perfect for blending into your existing effects. As expected, the price is what gets you in the door but the quality of the Bookcase is what is going to make you come back to buy more.

5. The Winsome Wood 4-Shelf Narrow Shelving Bookcase

The Winsome Wood 4-Shelf Narrow Shelving Bookcase is contemporary, high-quality style for your living room, family room or den. The narrow dimensions would even be at home in the corner of a larger bathroom or the vestibule around the main entrance of your home. Completely constructed of solid wood, the Windsome has the strength for the giant tomes in your book collection, or supports extra heavy nick-knacks. Diminishing ladder-style frame fits in well to smaller spaces and helps to visually create the illusion of a larger space. With a smaller design such as this assembly is also going to be a walk in the park, with minimal setup of a completely free-standing Bookcase. If you have an odd spot where you don’t think anything will fit, chances are the Winsome Narrow Shelving Bookcase is what you need.

6. The Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase

The Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase is a simple, stable display for your books, binders, magazines and equipment that make up your home office. 4 adjustable shelves give you an incredible assortment of options to create the exact dimensions you need without leaving a lot of unusable dead space. All components are a no-frills wood composite that nevertheless holds up tough once you load the shelves up with your books. Matching wood grain cardboard panel in the back adds resilience, and each Bookcase also secures into the wall to prevent tipping. This Bookcase is not an eye-catcher, but what it does is provide HUGE, super-stable, long-lasting support for an incredibly low price. You can’t go wrong with that.

7. The South Shore 5-Shelf Bookcase

The South Shore 5-Shelf Bookcase is a tough, super-durable display option for the heaviest traffic areas of your house. This White Bookcase is sleek and contemporary, too, offering style you don’t mind visitors admiring. The composite pieces are manufactured from laminated recycled particle panels that are both super-dense and stay where you put them. 5 shelves provide HUGE storage capability for a tremendous book collection, living room must-haves, with extra kid toys on the bottom shelf. To sum up, the South Shore is a tough customer with good looks to find an easy home anywhere in your house.

8. The Saunder Beginnings 5-Shelf Cherry Bookcase

The Saunder Beginnings 5-Shelf Cherry Bookcase is another case of affordable, armor-tough storage ready to do the heavy lifting in your home office, den or other relaxed and off-limits-to-the-public sanctuary. Easy to put together while the easy-adjust 5-shelf design can be made to handle big books, small books, DVD’s or anything in between across a wide spectrum of media. If you have a mixed assortment of material, you can have a shelf for each type in one large Bookcase. Faux cherry wood grain isn’t going to win any style awards, but you aren’t buying this Bookcase to impress the neighbors. You have a collection, and you need a beefy set of Bookcases to fit the bill.

9. The South Shore Axess Cherry 5-Shelf Bookcase

The South Shore Axess Cherry 5-Shelf Bookcase is easy to assemble and extremely durable to take on the most visited areas of your house. A large, stylish piece to create a focal point in your living room, family room or extra large entry. The composite, similar to the white Axess mentioned above, is the same ultra-dense recycled material you can trust to hold up just about anything. Cherry finish offers a rich wood feel to your room, and blends in easily with a host of other furniture. Ready for books, binders, pots, picture frames, or your favorite sound system. Adjustable shelves make it easy to customize this Bookcase to whatever your needs.

10. The Saunder Heritage Hill Cherry Bookcase

While some of the other bookcases in this list have provided function over looks, the Saunder Heritage Hill Cherry Bookcase changes direction and offers a premium, exquisitely detailed look in a form that’s still rugged for your most important collection pieces. The design is modeled after the vintage English manor look you might have seen on a particular PBS program. Crafted cherry laminate is layered in sections for timeless style to complement your office, your fancier living room or your cushy high-class den. And the price is almost right in line with a typical cheap bookcase you might buy down at the big box office supply store. An incredible value, and its easy to see why folks can’t pass it up.

So hopefully you found some food for thought. This best bookcases review found lots of options exist. But after looking through them all, you can get a pretty comprehensive list of what must-have features online shoppers gravitate toward. Take a look at the half-filled room you want to decorate and pick what feels like the best choice for the environment. For stability, storage and value none of these choices are about to let you down.

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