10 Best Cheap Drum Sets For Sale In 2021

Drums are great instruments to play, especially due to the fact that almost every type of music you could listen to has some sort of percussion in it. When it comes to drums, there is a pretty big variety in the sounds and type of music you would like to play.

Now, drums are used solely for music and possibly letting out some anger. But it may be hard to believe that, as they were originally used for long distance communication.

Drums originated in Africa, but are the oldest instrument in existence and can be found amongst all cultures. Drums can be extremely fun to play. Ever met a drummer that didn’t enjoy playing? That would be rare. If you want to play the drums, give it a try! Take a look at these 10 best cheap drum sets:

This best selling adult/full size drum set complete comes with everything you need included; Hi-Hat & Crash Cymbals Stick Stool Stands. There is no trick in this great deal of purchasing a best selling drum set for $269.87 and not having to buy anything extra. It’s a deal that’s really hard to beat if you ask me. But, allow me to inform you further on some of the other great qualities.

In addition to everything that is included in your purchase, you also get free shipping. Not to mention, the snare comes put together and they are made of steel. Also, it even includes a tool/key to tighten the tension rods. One extra provided bonus in this amazing purchase is the free drum instruction DVD to help you get started.

For the amazing price of only $199.95, this fantastic drum can be all yours! Some of the great features include a complete 5-piece, 3-cymbal electronic drum kit, an LED illuminated drum and cymbal pads with enhanced built in learning features, a DM Lite Drum Module with built in drum coach, and a 4 post rack with an integrated drumstick storage slot.

You think that sounds great? Keep reading. It’s very easy to put together, and looks decent. One of the best qualities about this drum set is definitely the built in drum coach. If you are a beginner, you will learn fast with this set. And even if you are an experienced drummer, this set will still work perfect for you, but you obviously won’t need the coaching.

This drum set includes all five drums; bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two mounted toms. Believe it or not, you can get everything I already listed along with more for only $273.74. Some of the other great qualities of this set are that it’s a full size real wood drum, hi hat cymbals and stand, a drum stool/throne, a drum key, and high gloss finish on drums. In order to start drumming there are no other parts you need to purchase.

Yes, you read that right. Everything you need to start beating on those drums is included in this great package. These drums will not disappoint, as you will be happy with your purchase! It’s possible that these drums may even be the highlight of your whole year.

Are you a drummer that is just beginning/starting off your journey in the world of drumming? If you answered yes, this fully functional drum set was designed just for you. In fact, it was designed for beginners who want the most realistic experience at a cheap price.

The cost of this drum set is $174.95. Everything that you need is included and there are many great qualities of this drum set. Some of the highlight features include premium quality and easy assembly. The instructions for putting the drum set together are even included, so you don’t have to worry as far as that goes.


This drum set is a solid kit that will do a wonderful job of preparing the beginner drummer and can even last you through being an intermediate drummer. Something else that is great to take note of is that the tonal quality of each drum is fabulous, with very little ringing and the hardware is solid. Sound like a prize? It is indeed.

Do you have a kiddo between the ages of 3-8 that wants to rock to the beat of their own drum? Are you a parent that wants to get your kid started with an instrument? This ones for you guys. This drum set is recommended for the age group of 3-8, but can be good for kids of all ages.

Everything you need to play is included in the package; 16″ bass drum with 6 lugs, 2 mounted toms, bass drum pedal, 10″ cymbal drummers stool, a pair of sticks and a drum key. That’s right. When I stated, everything you need to play is included, I wasn’t kidding one bit. This is the perfect gift for any aspiring young musician.

With the price of $449, this drum will bless you with 385 sounds and 40 kits. Included in the purchase is a stealth kick trigger and a kick pedal. This is an extremely nice kit in consideration to the price.

The Alesis DM is a drum set that many people have had a good experience with and the Alesis DM7X is just as great, but only upgraded to be even better. The kit is easy to assemble and contains a rack to hold the equipment. Normally if something costs around $500, it’s a bit much. But the quality of this drum makes the price of $449 seem cheap.

In purchasing this drum set for the astonishing price of $104.99, you will be gifted a pair of wood drum sticks, an adjusted padded drum throne, and easy to read set up instructions.

This drum set doesn’t take up a lot of space, so if you want to bang on some drums but you don’t have a lot of space for a huge drum set, you are exactly where you need to be. If that applies to you, you’ve found your match. Some folks feel that this drum set is better for a younger crowd, but some older folks have been just as happy with it. I guess it’s just all about your preference.

Here we have a fully functional drum designed specifically for the youth. If you are looking for drums for your young one, get ready for them to just beat it because you have found the drums they want and need. This is it. Look no further. This drum set offers durability and stability while remaining lightweight. The Mendini drum set can be assembled in less than thirty minutes. This is a deal that is hard to pass up!

This full size drum set is complete with cymbals, a throne, drum sticks, a cymbal stand, snare stand, hi hat stand and a bass drum pedal. It’s all shipped in one box, it has a high gloss finish, and features double-braced hardware. Are you ready to rock out? This is the drum set for you. Everything you need to get started is included! Take note, this may be a better set for a beginner, in comparison to someone very skilled in drumming.

Okay, are you still searching for the perfect drum set for your kid? Are you the kid looking for the perfect drum set? Maybe I lied a little bit earlier about telling you to look no further. We have reached #1 and now when I tell you to look no further, I mean it. This is the perfect drum set for a beginner in drumming and typically someone who is young. Aspiring young drummers will be off to a great start with this set!

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