10 Of The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews In 2020

Soon the students will be heading back to the classrooms and whether you’re a teacher, parent, or businessperson you too should be thinking about the needs of your particular venue. An electric pencil sharpener is a vital part of any school classroom, business office, and nowadays the home as homework, office work, and running a home business is becoming more popular. With this in mind, we present you with 10 of the best electric pencil sharpeners available on the market and Amazon. All of them are brand names that you know and trust. They offer you quality, reliability, and long life at an economical price. So, with no more adieu, let’s take a look at some of the best pencil sharpener’s you can find today.

1. School Smart Electric Vertical Pencil Sharpener, 6 X 4 Inches (84437)

School smart you always know you’re going to get the best. This electric pencil sharpener shows exactly what we mean.

Built as a single unit it sharpens your pencils with blinding speed and the shavings are collected how large receptacle this easy to remove and empty with no mess or fuss.

This is the perfect sharpener for use at home, office, and the classroom. It also comes in a 234 and 5 pack so you have them at a discount for your whole office or classroom.

2. Pencil Sharpener, High-Quality Electric & Battery operated, Great for Office & School Pro For Kids From Imikas, The Best Compact Fast Quiet & Reliable sharpener, Sharpen Your Pencils Now Hassle Free!

Modern technology is wonderful now you can select the point you want on your pencil.

With this Five-Star electric pencil sharpener, you can have the needle sharp point for fine drawing and precision like making. It gives you a medium point for normal writing. Finally, you get a blunt point for creating larger letters and wider lines.

Multiple power sources lets it run from battery, the wall, or a USB port.

An additional safety feature prevents sharpener from operating if the shaving tray has been removed.

Buy one for the classroom, have one at home, and take one to your office. You’ll be glad you did.

3. School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener

Here we have a standard heavy-duty pencil sharpener that is perfect for your classroom. It can take any punishment of your class can dish out and it fills their pencil sharpening needs with ease.

With an auto pencil stop, it gives you the perfectly sharpened pencil every time.

If you have a home office this is a great electric pencil sharpener to have in the home as it is unobtrusive with a small footprint and fits on desks larger small.

This pencil sharpener is rugged and designed to last for years under heavy usage.

When it’s made by School Smart, you know you’re buying quality.

4. OfficeGoods – Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener – Compact Reliable Fast & Quiet – For Home Office

School That Sharpens Evenly Every Time For The Perfect Point
Now you have an ergonomically designed electric pencil sharpener, which can be powered three ways from a USB, wall outlet, or 4 AA batteries.

With a small footprint, it fits intrusively on your desk, in the classroom, and at the office.

It can give you 3 different pencil points sharp, medium, and blunt. This allows you to have your pencils ready for writing, drawing, and shading.

Because of its unique power sourcing its portable and it can be part of a portable office the troubles with you when you go out of town for a tradeshow, seminar, and conference.

5. Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener, Black (EPS4-BLACK)

You know the name Bostitch means quality when it comes to office products. In addition, this electric pencil sharpener is no exception.

With HHC cutter technology, this gives you a long-lasting and durable product.

It’s ergonomically designed to take up very little space. With a built-in safety feature that prevents it running if, the shaving tray is removed to protect your students or child at home.

In addition, with its high-capacity shavings trade you can sharpen pencils for the entire class for days without having to be emptied.

Here’s a sharpener that’s ready when you need a sharp pencil fast.

6. X-ACTO Teacher Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener with SmartStop, Black (1675)

X-Acto is famous for its cutting technology. Allen offers you the teacher a professional electric pencil sharpener with SmartStop that starts the sharpener when the pencil’s point is perfect.

With a selectable dial, it can accommodate almost any size pencil that your class, office and your work requires.

This makes it perfect for the graphic artist, draftsman, and calligrapher.

This is also great for classes in a variety of topic areas such as lettering, sketching, and portrait work.

Here is the perfect pencil sharpener for the classroom, office, and home.

7. Premium Electric Mechanical Pencil Sharpener with Helical Blade by Merite – Heavy Duty – Battery / Electric Operated – Includes Cable & Adaptor

If you need a high-speed pencil sharpener that’s quiet and fits anywhere from the classroom on a teacher’s desk to the office of a high-powered executive and anywhere in between this is the electric pencil sharpener you’ve been waiting for.

This is the sharpener you want; almost silent in operation it can operate using AC, run off the USB port from your laptop or from its own internal 4 AA batteries.

Great for the classroom during examinations words quiet operation won’t disturb students as their concentrating.

Being a portable sharpener means that you can take it with you as part of your go-bag for running seminars, conferences, and presentations.

Ergonomical, portability, and quiet operation it’s everything you could want in a electric pencil sharpener.

8. X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener (1670)

Also from X-Acto, we have the model 1670 electric pencil sharpener that is similar to the 1675 except that it is designed for larger classrooms and designed for truly heavy sharpening needs.

The sharpener, designed by teachers, provides you with a sharp and yet rounded point on your pencils.

With its heavy duty powerful hundred and 120V AC motor, it provides dependable operation and is quiet as well.

Whether you need just one Electric Pencil sharpener for 1 classroom or up to 5 for use in a number of classrooms or to supply your office and business the X-Acto 1670 comes at a discount depending on how many you wish to purchase.

9. Bostitch Battery Desktop Pencil Sharpener, Black (02697)

Bostitch again surprises us with a completely portable energy-saving and compact electric pencil sharpener for use in the classroom, office, and for the businessperson who likes to work at home or on the road.

With specially designed cutter tips at last 4 times longer than most any other portable it pencil sharpener on the market today.

It also has Tip Saver Technology that prevents you from over sharpening your pencil, which makes your pencils last longer.

With the built-in safety switch that prevents operation when the easy-clean shaving straight is removed.

Here’s a pencil sharpener this is at home in the classroom as it is in your briefcase as you travel out of town to give a seminar, presentation, and do trade shows.


10. Electric Pencil Sharpener- Classroom, Heavy Duty, Automatic, Best; Home and Office Use; Perfect for Regular Pencils- Money Back Guarantee

From Tatji we have the crème de la crème of pencil sharpener’s elegant in design as well as functional this is a perfect desktop sharpener for use on the teacher’s desk as well as in the office. It also fits in well with your home decor as well so your child can use it to get the perfect pencil point when doing their homework.

Powerful with its alloy steel cutting blades and an easy to empty shavings tray, this is a pencil sharpener that rates 5-stars in anyone’s book.

As a side note for every sharpener that is purchased $2 is donated to charity work in the Philippines.

So not only can you keep your student’s pencil sharp which you can teach them social responsibility at the same time

Final Note

Electric pencil sharpeners are a vital part of today’s business world, classroom environment, and in the home.

Today you’ve seen 10 of the best and from that list, you can choose the pencil sharpener that fits in with your needs and matches the type of sharpening you require.

Each of the sharpeners today is the best in its class and priced economically.

The world is moving swiftly and you need a sharp pencil to take advantage of it.

Today, you’ve seen 10.

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