Best Hunting Gear 2018

Best Hunting Gear


Hunting refers to the activity of chasing and killing animals using different types of methods such as traps, guns, archery, etc. Hunting is done for many reasons. In early days, a man used to hunt for food, clothing, etc. Nowadays hunting is done as a sport and for recreation, as a hobby. Sometimes, hunting is also done for trade and commerce.

Every year millions of people hunt every year. As soon as hunting season starts rolling out, a buzz is started in the ambiance. To make the most of hunting, hunters prepare themselves and then went on for hunting in fields, ponds and many more places to explore the nature.

In the 80s, 90s people used old tools and equipment to make their living as smooth as possible during hunting days. But in the world of the modern era, best and more smarter hunting gears are available with a wide range of products designed to make the most out of hunting and make it a memorable and enjoyable one.

Hunting is a very useful hobby to pursue. It is a great development platform for many qualities such as patience, hand-eye coordination and wildlife survival. There are many hunting enthusiasts out there, and this article is perfect for them. This article will discuss the best hunting gear for novice hunters as well as beginners in the field. A buyer’s guide will also be included. Products such as the best hunting boots, the best base layers for hunting, best GoPro camera for hunting and the best hunting boots will be discussed below.

Buyer’s Guide For Hunting Gear

In this article, we will take you to guide in finding the best hunting gears. Let’s begin!

  1. Take Right Accessories with you

During hunting one may need to do multiple kinds of activities from walking to climb mountains and hence it is highly recommended to pack light and only carry the basics. For hunting in the night, a camera equipped with night vision may prove to be useful and helps in navigation in the dark as well.

  1. Select the appropriate apparel

Buying clothing from local stores can help in choosing the apparels and prevents ruining the hunting days like anything else. All-weather jackets, right selection of shoes suitable for the surroundings of hunting areas and matched with the clothing are much essential. One suggestion of apparel by many hunters is to wear orange clothing as by wearing this color makes hunter’s stay visible and safe.

  1. For Responders

It is a tool developed for responders. It is a great all-purpose gear tool which is highly useful and beneficial for mountain hunting. It consists of a serrated blade for removing straps of backpacks or cutting through packaging etc.

  1. Riflescope

Take a rifle scope assembled with blackened lens edges in order to reduce diffusion of light and allow much of the light to reach the eye conveniently. Not only this, it should also feature abrasion-resistant lenses, and VX-2 is waterproof and fog resistant.

  1. Men’s Mercury Jacket

The latest addition to the clothes is Mercury Jacket these days. The jacket is featured with multi-layer construction to resist water easily and keep the body dry and warm. It also uses Scent Elimination technique to decrease human odor. It also consists of the zipper which is chain protected and multiple pockets along with it to carry other stuff. This jacket is recommended for those who are especially looking towards hunting in mountainous areas.

  1. Cameras

Carry high-quality cameras is an integral as well as essential part of hunting gears. These cameras are considered to be best in performance with longer distance identification and quick recovery of blank images. Very easy in terms of operating, it should provide 720p HD video recording along with the feature of time-lapse.

  1. Thermal Monocular

A thermal monocular enables capturing movements of animals in the darkness and also sufficient enough for different services like security, predator detection etc. It is harnessed with illuminated power, zoom and brightness so that can be operated easily even after the hunters have worn gloves in his or her hands. The user of this monocular is allowed to choose from options that which layout can help in returning to full power. It also comes in three distinct models with different features.

Hunting is not just to hunt the animals, it is beyond these things and give the hunters an exceptional opportunity to move best hunting areas around the globe and take hunting and life living experience to another level.

If a hunter hasn’t done right selection in buying hunting gears, he or she will only be responsible for whatever happens in with them. This is not to threaten or create a fear in hunters this guide is to help them in choosing best gears and make their hunting as they opt for hunting always whenever offered.

Factors Involved In Choosing Hunting Gear

  1. Need

Before buying any piece of equipment related to hunting, you should ask yourself this question: “Do I really need this?”. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and make the purchase. If the answer is no, then refrain from making the purchase and instead invest that money in something you really need.

  1. Price

Another very important factor to consider while buying hunting gear. Always buy equipment that is not too heavy on your pocket. Create a budget for buying the hunting equipment and stay within that budget. If you find yourself straying away from the budget, try removing a few items from your shopping list by using step 1.

  1. Purpose

A factor to consider while purchasing any piece of hunting equipment is figuring out the purpose of that gear. If you don’t know the purpose of that gear, there is no point in buying it. Do some research on the product before you spend your money on it.

Choose The Right Hunting Gear

Always choose the right piece of hunting equipment. Before buying, make a list of pros and cons and then make the purchase decision. Make a list of all the similar types of products and then shortlist the best one by weighing all the pros and cons. This will help you choose the right hunting gear for all your hunting needs.

Best Hunting Gear Products

This part of the article contains a thorough review of some of the best hunting gears available on the internet. The review will contain 5 products which would include the best hunting boots, the best GoPro camera for hunting, the best base layers for hunting and overall the very best of the best hunting gears you can find anywhere on the internet.

This list of the best hunting gears was created after thorough research and study of the products displayed. These products are the ones that were shortlisted from a varying list of similar products.

  1. The Best Hunting Knife – Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife


The Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B is the very best of the best when it comes to hunting knives. This knife is made of High Carbon Stainless Steel and a rubber wrapped handle. It has a double-edged blade that has blood grooves. The lanyard hole in the handle is made so that the knife can easily be carried around your waist or in a utility belt. The handle of the knife has a hand guard so that your hand doesn’t slip and hit the sharp blade. The knife comes along with a belt and a boot sheath, making it the most dynamic and versatile knife for hunting purposes.

Smith & Wesson is a world-renowned weapon manufacturing brand. This knife made by them will fulfill all of your hunting needs and prove to be a perfect hunting knife.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       Is made of a High Carbon Stainless

●       Steel.

●       Features a rubber wrapped handle with a lanyard hole.

●       The handle has a hand guard so that your hand doesn’t slip and touch the blade.

●       Comes along with a belt and boot sheath.

●       The steel is a bit brittle.

●       Comes with no warranty.

●       The size is a bit small.

●       The sheath is made of leather so is prone to molding.






  1. The Best Hunting Boots – Under Armour Men’s SF Bozeman 2.0

Under Armour is a big name in sporting equipment. Like all their other products, this pair of hunting boots is the best pair of hunting boots you can find.

The new Bozeman 2.0 boots are quality boots that are built to last. These boots are premium leather hunting boots that would provide you with extreme comfort on your hunting expedition. The boots are also amazing to look at, so while you haven’t got any planned expeditions soon, you can always wear them casually too.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       These boots are waterproof.

●       The boots are made of original, genuine leather.

●       The boots do not tighten when dipped in water.

●       The boots are highly comfortable.

●       The sole is made of rubber.

●       The boots are prone to moulding.

●       The boots are a little on the heavier side.

●       They are not made in USA, like other Under Armour products.




  1. The Best GoPro Camera For Hunting – GoPro HERO5 Black

The GoPro Hero 5 is one of the best travel cameras out there. The successor of the GoPro Hero 4, this camera is shortlisted by us because of its efficiency in all areas, including quality and price.

The GoPro Hero 5 shoots videos in 4K quality and 12MP photos. This makes the Hero 5 the best product with respect to the price-to-product ratio. You can get this camera for only $299 on Amazon. This camera is cheaper than the Hero 6 and provides the same features and quality as it. The camera has 3 microphones for all round audio capture and will be perfect for all types of travel and hunting enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       The picture quality is amazing.

●       The camera is waterproof up to a depth of 33ft.

●       The battery will last for 60-90 minutes while continuously recording in 4K

●       Comes with 3 modes, time-lapse, regular and burst.

●       There is no charger included.

●       It is extremely small in size.

●       Does not support HDR

●       Does not support Touch Zoom.



  1. The Best Hunting Tent – Tangkula Portable Hunting Blind Pop Up Ground Camo Weather Resistant Hunting Enclosure

This enclosure tent from Tangkula is the perfect tent for hunting enthusiasts, whether experts or beginners. This tent provides all the features required to complete a perfect hunting expedition.

Though the brand name might not be known, the high quality and effectiveness of the tent are going to leave you blown away. It is extremely lightweight and easy to install. Along with that, the tent is also camouflaged, a feature that is very helpful while hunting as it does not allow animals to see you from afar. The tent is a combination of comfortable breathability while keeping a low profile. Another great feature of the tent is that it is weather-proof, meaning you can install it in any type of weather, rain, snow or hair, and it would bear it all.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       The tent is extremely lightweight and easy to put up and take down.

●       It is a camouflaged tent, animals would not be able to differentiate between it and the surrounding.

●       The tent is waterproof and is durable in any season.

●       It is comfortable as it is made of 15D oxford and PU coating.

●       The brand name is not very well known.

●       No other known cons




  1. The Best Base Layer For Hunting – Merino 365 New Zealand 100% Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer

This base layer from Merino is the perfect base layer for hunting enthusiasts to wear on their expeditions. It is a comfortable, warm base layer that protects you from the cold while you are hunting.

This base layer is durable and doesn’t easily stretch out. It is even fire resistant. The base layer has thumb loops for comfort while working and holding a hunting rifle. The speciality of this base layer is that it can be worn in any season. During the summer season, this base layer will keep you cool, while in the winter season, in will keep you warm. It also provides protection from UV and other harmful rays of the sun. The base layer is completely eco-friendly as it is made from biodegradable materials. The fire resistant feature is perfect for the adventurers out there.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       It is Fire-Resistant

●       It is eco-friendly as it is biodegradable.

●       Anti-bacterial and provides UV protection.

●       Perfect for hunting enthusiasts as it will keep  you warm.

●       Brand Name is not very well known

●       Low SPF rating of only 50.



Product Comparison Table

Product Name Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Under Armour Men’s SF Bozeman 2.0 GoPro HERO5 Black Tangkula Portable Hunting Blind Pop Up Ground Camo Weather Resistant Hunting Enclosure Merino 365 New Zealand 100% Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer
Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches 1.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches 61  x 59 x 63 inches
Product Weight 7.2 ounces 1.4 pounds 4.2 ounces 9 lbs 8.2 ounces
Ratings 4.6/5 4.7/5 4/5 4.3/5 4.3/5
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Do You Need Hunting Gear?

Any hunting enthusiast, regardless of whether he’s had previous hunting experience or not, requires the proper hunting gear for a successful hunting expedition. Hunting gear makes your hunting experience more dynamic and versatile. Hunting gear such as clothes, tools and traps will help you hunt better and become a hunting expert in no time.

  1. Does The Look Of The Product Come Into Play?

When buying hunting gear, the look of the product plays a major role. Say that you are buying a tent for your hunting field trip. The tent would have to be in a camouflage colour, so that the animals are not able to differentiate between the surroundings and the tent and won’t spot you.

  1. Where Can I Buy Hunting Gear From?

Hunting gear can be bought from a number of websites online. Probably the best website for buying hunting gear would be Amazon. All the products listed below are available on

  1. How To Choose The Best Hunting Gear?

Do some research on the internet regarding all the products you want to buy. Make a list of all the pros and cons of all the similar products and list them together. Then shortlist the best products using all the pros and cons, and you’ll have all the best hunting gear products ready for you. Instead, you could also use the list given below.

  1. What Are Some Examples Of Hunting Products?

There are a great variety of hunting products available in today’s day and age. Modern technology has made many advancements, and those advancements are in the field of hunting also. A few examples of hunting products would be traps, knives, tents, cameras, bait, rifles, ammunitions, hunting clothes and boots.


With this, this article for hunting enthusiasts now concludes. We have provided all the information necessary to buy the right hunting gear to take on your expeditions. If you are a beginner looking to get into hunting and game catching, you have come to the right place. All the information is provided in this article for you to get going on your hunting expeditions with the right gear for the utmost ease.


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