Top 10 Best LG G4 Wallet Genuine Leather Cases and Flip Covers


The first LG G4 case is from Verus. It is a flip leather case, designed for full protection for either the back and front side of the phone. Moreover, as can be seen in the picture, the case has a precise cutout which allows every port and button on the phone 100% accessible with convenience. However, the overall design is just modern and stylish as this case has actually just been released for sale on the market. For an even useful function, a car slot has also been made to its flip cover for easy card storage.

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If you are really looking for a case for LG G4, you should really not miss to consider this case from Ringke Discover. It has just had a very unique design, made from premium quality leather. Card slots have also been integrated into the design for your easy card holding. Additionally, a nice screen protector which is perfectly compatible with LG G4 is also included in the package. Then, this package will give you the complete protection over your LG G4.

This StilGut is undoubtedly a great case with great design for beautiful attraction. A round circle has been curved for the front side of the cover to allow good interaction still with your phone without having to flip over the case. As well, the case was made with very light weight, and this will not make you feel unease at all to hold the phone with the case. Regarding the price, it is not too expensive if to compare with the rest.

Specially, for this package, it is more than just the case for LG G4. It is an access package for the LG G4 including a premium quality cover, car charger, and the screen cleaning cloth. Interestingly, this package is very affordable while there is not a question that the leather wallet cover of this caseflex has the quality that makes it one of the best. Additionally, two card holders and 1 big pocket are also a part of its design for usability.

Compared to the rest, the difference this LG G4 case from VAKOO has is the wrist wrap while its design is just unique in style. Related to the quality of its material, there is nothing to criticize about since the product was made from high quality leather that can ensure the smooth touch as well as the longevity perfectly. Even more important, in many accidental drops, the case still could protect the phone very well as tested.

This is also from Caseflex, but it comes as a leather pouch cover, not the flip cover like the rest. At this very affordable price and with the premium quality it was produced in, this is indeed one of the best deal ever for your LG G4 protection. At the same time, its simple design is quite appealing and high-class. With this case on, scratches and drop will have very little impact on your phone.

This is another package of the accessories from Yousave Accessories for LG G4. The pack contains a car charger, stylus pen, leather cover, and the Micro USB cable. It really has all the necessary accessories you may need. Buying all in one package like this will also save you some money. However, this package is sold at quite a low price everyone will be happy to get while its quality is good enough to give your phone a great protection and the convenient use for you.

As well the caseflex product, this purse cover may be built more for women as its design is nicely done in pink. Its main material is PU leather with great quality for great durability. As this product was made to serve high-end users, you will find a lot more special than the rest. Moreover, the Micro USB cable has also been included. This would be very good if you often need the connection to your computer.

The last best recommendation is the simple wallet stand case cover for LG G4. Like many of the rest, the case was made attractively from PU leather with a few card holders for your convenient storage. As the case is only exclusively designed for the LG G4, it is perfectly compatible with only this model. Any phones else might not work.

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