10 Best Magnetic Whiteboards For The Classroom, Office, And Use In The Home

It’s time for the back-to-school rush and often in the classrooms, you don’t have all the materials you need that makes for a good lesson. This is true also for the office and even in the home office where a whiteboard allows you to teach a class, to gather your ideas, and focus your mind on the task at hand. Today we will offer up for your perusal 10 of the best whiteboards available that are also magnetic, which lets you post pictures, handwritten notes, and other items pertinent to the information you wish to display. A whiteboard is a perfect way to present information to students, business professionals, and for your own personal projects as well.

1. Universal 43733 Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Melamine, 36 x 24, White, Aluminum/Plastic Frame

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2. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 35 x 23 Inches, Black Wood Frame

When you need to get the information out there is nothing like a dry erase board with erasable markers to get the point across.

You can swiftly put up your ideas and draw diagrams, which make for effective presentations and classroom lessons. Magnets are especially useful in displaying printed information, pictures, and diagrams that allows further explanation of the topic you’re presenting.

35″ x 23″ in a black wood frame, it is not only functional but it looks good and fits in well with the classroom environment for a business meeting room.

3. Lorell Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 6 by 4-Feet, Silver/Ebony

For a full sized whiteboard, you need look no further than Lorell’s 6′ x 4′ silver and ebony black backing.

With an eraser tray, they can hold dry erase markers and other materials you have the perfect venue to teach a class, give a detailed presentation, and jot notes for a project that you’re working on.

This whiteboard can handle magnetic strips, shapes/letters, and discs to hold pictures and other printed documents as well as Post-it-notes.

This provides you the perfect work surface to bringing your ideas projects, and lesson plans to fruition in the shortest amount of time possible.

4. Board Dudes 24-Inch x 36-Inch Black Aluminum Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar (CWN72)

From Board Dudes, you have the perfect dry erase calendar that can be mounted in the classroom, office or in the homework area. 24 x 36″ is the perfect size to fit on any wall.

Now your students can see what their class schedule is on a monthly basis, business people can plan their itineraries and workload a month in advance.

You in the home can mark out important upcoming events and when the bills need to be paid.

This helps you become more organized and efficient, which leads to greater productivity and success in your endeavors.

5. Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Marker Board, 4 x 3 Feet, White Surface, Frameless (G4836W)

This whiteboard fits in most classrooms, offices, and workspaces. 4′ x 3′ wide and months virtually anywhere you have a clear surface.

Whiteboard presentations are sweeping the Internet right now in their virtual form and in the classroom white boards have taken the place of blackboards at a been in use since the time of the little red schoolhouse.

Documents, pictures from magazines, and student drawings may be displayed as well.

Depending on the venue, this whiteboard can be used in business meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and in the home for home business, do-it-yourself projects, and task management.

This is a versatile tool that can be used virtually anywhere.

6. Quartet Matrix Magnetic Modular Whiteboards, 34 Inches x 23 Inches, Silver Aluminum Frame (M3423)

Our 2nd entry From Quartet is a modular magnetic whiteboard at 34 x 23”, which allows you to teach a class, plan your work schedule, and brainstorm new ideas all on aluminum framed easy to mount system.

Since its modular you can put up more than one on the same wall and they fit together seamlessly to give you a whiteboard of virtually any size you require to get the job done.

When you are finished, you have a complete communication of information via document, picture, and written material that can present information to your audience in the best manner possible today.

7. Viz-pro Double-sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard, 48 X 36 Inches, Aluminium Frame & Stand

This double-sided portable whiteboard is perfectly designed for use in the classroom/office where you can have your students or associates gather around for teaching/brainstorming in an intimate environment that sparks conversation, ideas, and invites critical-thinking.

For the businessperson, this allows you to bring a whiteboard into the meeting room. Position it for the best viewing of your audience as you brainstorm new ideas using Post-it notes, diagrams, and your skill with voice and marker to convey information, solve problems, and create business plans.

You can also plot business trends, and get your ideas across succinctly.

8. Luxor L340 Double Sided Magnetic White Board 48″ W x 36″ H

This whiteboard allows you to move it about a classroom, meeting room, and any other environment where you have to convey your ideas and present material in a precise and meaningful manner.

You now have 2 surfaces that allow you to show contrasting information and be able to switch back and forth with the flip of the hand. This whiteboard also has an aluminum tray to hold your dry erase markers and erasers at a convenient height to put them within easy reach.

Easy to clean this is a perfect whiteboard for both class and business. It is also suitable for those who work out of their home such as writers, engineers, and entrepreneurs as well.


Ergonomically designed and stylish this 36″ x 24″ whiteboard with aluminum/plastic frame fits virtually any wall in the classroom, meeting room, and in the home office.

Now you can brainstorm, teach your lessons in a smooth and organized manner that allows the free flow of information between teacher pupils, presenter business professional, and allows a home entrepreneur to plan and run their business.

Able to use any dry erase marker on the market and is simple to clean and able to use Post-it notes, pictures, and documents to hold the information that you need to convey a lessons or complete a project.

10. Offex Mobile 72×40(WxH Inches) Double Sided Dry-Erase Magnetic Whiteboard Easel With Silver Frame, 4 Casters

Here we have a dual sided whiteboard that measures 72″ Wide by 40 inch High full-size and is portable.

A whiteboard that’s great for the classroom, home office, and for use in the cubicle and meeting rooms and businesses everywhere.

Now you can:

  • Present new ideas
  • Teach lessons
  • Brainstorm thorny problems
  • Display bulletins, documents, and other information

All this is possible in the classroom environment, during a meeting/presentation, in the homework place.

Easy-to-use, portable, and simple to clean this is an indispensable tool for the teacher, businessperson, and entrepreneur.

Final Thoughts

Today in the classroom, office, or home work area. You need the edge. A whiteboard allows you to get your ideas out in the open so that they can be examined, discussed, and acted upon.

A whiteboard is the perfect tool for doing all that and more it’s equally at home in the classroom for the meeting place. It is now being used by entrepreneurs in the home to enable them to start and run their businesses.

You have seen 10 of the best whiteboards they can be purchased from the cloud and they will give you quality, many years of use and most of all cope you with whatever project, teaching assignment, and business you care to name.

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