Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches

Finding affordable storage options for your outdoor equipment and accessories can be tricky. How much storage do I need? Will it be able to withstand the wear and tear of my local climate? Is it maneuverable? All of these points are things that you need to take into consideration when choosing any sort of outdoor storage. One of the most affordable and convenient options are outdoor storage benches. They double as both storage and outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for something that doubles as patio furniture, a rollable chest or choose a stationary bench, outdoor storage boxes might be right for you. The following are my top ten picks for durable outdoor storage benches.

This beautiful box looks like wood but is actually made of a durable resin. The double wall construction gives it stability and durability. The bench can be used as a table or a seat; just add cushions. There are hidden comfort grips for easy mobility and the wicker design will complement your existing outdoor furniture.

Don’t let the wicker fool you. This storage bin is very sturdy and can comfortably seat to average sized adults. Just add a cushion. The steel frame and hand woven wicker compliment each other to produce a luxury feel in a very practical item. Store your cushions and gardening essentials with ease in this roomy storage bin.

This bench combines storage and seating in one weather resistant unit. The steel construction beats its wood and metal competitors in durability, as it will never rust or rot. The double wall construction gives it stability and protects items stored inside the 4 cubic foot storage compartment. Ideal for storing outdoor toys or barbecue accessories.

This flip top storage bench is ideal for your foyer, mud room or porch. The sturdy wood construction easily complements your decor and allows you to safely store unsightly items.

This bench is perfect for your veranda. The solid construction and walnut finish makes it a beautiful accessory to your porch or mud room. The split seats open up to reveal safe storage for shoes, sandals, umbrellas or other outdoor accessories.

This lovely bench exudes charm and simplicity. The 70-gallon storage is built into the can be locked with any standard-sized padlock. The durable construction will not peel, dent or rust and is ideal for outdoor use. Store large cushions, pool toys or gardening tools in this gorgeous piece of furniture.

This cedar chest is not weather proof but can be left outside and withstand the rain. Add a cushion for additional outdoor seating. Cedar repels moths and other pests, so it is perfect for storing towels or sweaters. It can be used indoors for winter storage or outdoors around pool areas.

This patio seat is ideal if you just need a little extra storage for your personal effects. It is weather resistant, durable and very light weight. Pair it up with the Patio Bench for a complete set or use it on its own for quick and convenient storage.

This 50-gallon storage bench is weather resistant and easy to assemble. No tools needed. The plastic bench is strong enough to seat two adults and provides plenty of storage space for strollers, boots, or other outdoor necessities.

This box is constructed of eucalyptus hardwood which is a natural bug repellent. The top has a water-proof silicone seal and is ideal for outdoor storage. It has slats along the sides for ventilation. You can avoid moldy surprises when you open this box.

Whether you are storing towels and goggles by the pool, cushions for your lawn chairs, or just need a place to tuck your muddy boots and gardening gloves on the front porch, these storage benches are a great investment. They are a convenient and adorable solution to any outdoor storage problem.

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