10 Best Outdoor Storage Shed Reviews

Outdoor storage sheds fall into two broad categories. The vast majority allow customers to buy and assemble them for quick set up. There are also very large ones that must be delivered and rival the space of an additional room. Each of these types comes with directions for installation, but it is often the quality of these instructions which suffers, rather than the quality of the product. In terms of materials, there are three mainstays, including durable plastics, metals and wood. Most people opt for plastic or metal construction because these materials offer protection from rain, snow and sun in many cases. The designs that offer long life, have significant storage space and easy access are popular, as are those that value safety and the ability to hold up under heavy use and weight.

1. Suncast 6-Feet by 3-Feet Shed

For customers looking for an outdoor storage shed that has the look of real wood, but without the maintenance and eventual decay of the real thing, this product is nicely designed. This shed is made of double wall resin which is simulated to have the appearance of real wood. The roof panels are made of metal in the style of traditional wood shingles. The floor has been reinforced to handle items which weigh more than the norm. There are vents that allow for air flow and transom style windows to let in the light. The handles are designed to accept padlocks. This 6 by 3 foot product received high marks from those who purchased it. It requires assembly, but owners found it to be very easy to put together. Some felt it was the best quality shed they had ever assembled.

2. Keter Woodland Storage Shed

Purchased by over 247 customers, this item is the #1 Best Seller in Storage Sheds. Though it has had brisk sales, the product ratings vary widely. Customers either like this product very much, or dislike it intensely. The reasons for the differing opinions have to do with the lid and top attaching mechanism for the lid. Some people had lids that tore easily when they opened it. Others had lids that warped in the sun or the heat. Those who liked the product used it inside or in areas where it was not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

3. Rubbermaid 72 inch High Outdoor Storage Shed Model FG374901OLVSS

A very popular item, with over 710 customer reviews, this shed is 72 inches high. Its interior capacity is 17 cubic feet, and its vertical configuration make it popular for storing long gardening or other tools. Because it is made of durable plastic, it will not rot as wood can. It is also rust free, heavy duty for safety and easy to assemble. It is possible to add up to 5 extra storage shelves, but these are not included with this purchase. Most owners were impressed with how easy it is to assemble. Some would have preferred that the shelves be included, rather than having to hunt for them afterward. A few had problems with the doors warping, but most felt it was a nice quality product that looks good.

4. Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

Though this 53 inch wide shed did not have a high volume of buyers, 61% of those who reviewed it gave it five star ratings. This is a higher rating than other sheds that sold more units. It is constructed of sturdy, heavyweight plastic and can store all sorts of different things within its horizontal configuration. There is no need to build a foundation for it as long as the surface, even grass is level. It is not waterproof, but will keep things safe. One issue that one owner found is that the doors may tend to pop off when opened to far. Others really liked its neat and tidy appearance.

5. Arrow Shed Brentwood Steel Storage Shed

Due to the extra attention to color scheme, this is an attractive shed. It has the appearance of being custom made, due to the three color blend. It is constructed of galvanized steel with painted surfaces which are baked on. It features taupe walls, and eggshell trim around the coffee brown door. With a height of 70 inches it will easily hold all sorts of tall garden and outdoor tools inside its 90 cubic feet of storage capacity. Most owners had problems with the poor instructions and difficult assembly of this item. If not for that major issue, the model BW54-A shed might have received less widely varied ratings, because those who had no problems with assembling it really like it. It is a simple shed, and you do need to purchase its floor separately if you want a sturdier unit. The majority of purchasers felt the quality matched with the price was fair enough.

6. Rubbermaid Roughneck Seven by Seven Foot Storage Shed

There is much to like about this seven by seven foot storage shed. It features the sturdy plastic construction that helps to make it rust, rot and maintenance free. Most owners appreciate not having to deal with wood or metal problems on their outdoor storage areas. It is large enough to store ride on lawn mowers, snow blowers, trash cans, ladders and any other kinds of standard power equipment you might have. It has a floor included, and owners have averaged about 4 hours to put it together. It has skylights and windows in the door to let in the light. One family used it to create an outdoor laundry room. There were many positive comments about this product.

7. Arrow Newburgh Shed

Any of the low customer ratings for this 8 by 6 foot shed derive from its difficulty to assemble rather than its quality. It received many positive comments about its excellent quality. This is a metal shed, with a shipping weight of approximately 136 pounds. It comes with a 12 year, limited warranty from the manufacturer and is designed to hold pool equipment, extra lawn tools or seasonal items which might take up too much space in your garage.

8. Bosmere Trimetals A300 Bicycle Storage Unit

For avid bicycling fans, this 77 inch wide storage unit is a shed with a single purpose. It will hold up to 3, depending on whether or not the style is mountain, racing or standard design. Made of galvanized steel coated with PVC, it is green in color. Fire resistant and with a 15 year guarantee against corrosion, this unit is maintenance free. The exterior fixings are made of stainless steel, with aluminum rivets and hinges. It features spring loaded opening, two positions for padlocks and can be bolted down into position for increased safety. It will take 2 people to assemble it, using DIY tools, but there are extensive directions included to easily accomplish the task at home. It is well recommended by those who store bikes in it, but also by some who use it to store other items, including fireplace wood.

9. Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows and Skylights

Along with the generally positive 238 customer reviews, this shed also received many comments about difficulties or common problems with assembling and installing it. This is style shed is very much like adding another building to your property. It needs a level foundation to secure it. For some; they built the wooden foundation as per the instruction manual, and for others; they used an existing poured concrete foundation. This requirement and the need to use tools to build it are the most often customer discussions. The shelves included seem to be integral to the support system of the shed. Additional shelves and other items must be purchased separately and are described by several owners as expensive. The eight by ten foot generous size makes this a positive option for those who want plenty of storage space.

10. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Skylights, Shutters, and Windows

This may be the luxury shed of all sheds. Over 136 customers reviewed it, and of those, 56% gave it a five star rating. It has the extra space and features of a room addition, but without the cost. That being said, it is not in the lower price range, and for that reason, it doesn’t have several hundreds of owners. The product needs to be delivered by truck on pallets due to its weight and size. It also absolutely must have a solid foundation, and it will take 2 people to do the job well. But it has nice features such as shatter-proof windows that let in lots of light, and an A-frame roof that allows for walking right in to its 6 foot 8 inch head room. The angled roof also allows for excellent drainage when it rains or snows. The most significant complaint has been about the difficult to follow directions. Most people who like the shed itself hated the instructions and rated the item lower because of it.

When it comes to having a high-functioning shed the key ingredients include preparing a solid foundation and using instructions to ensure proper installation. Without those two ingredients, any shed is liable to suffer from leaking or instability. Many customers with DIY experience found that leaking issues often resulted from uneven shed assembly or placement. Taking time preparing the foundation and calling in extra installation help is the key to portable shed success.

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