Top 10 Best Wine Refrigerators in 2021 Reviews

In many western countries, wine is one of the most favorite drinks either at home or outside. That is why there is a need for wine refrigerators. Those refrigerators are produced specifically to preserve those wines perfectly. That is one of the differences between the wine refrigerators and the normal refrigerators. If we look through to the market of the wine refrigerators now, we can see some top outstanding products. 10 of those best wine refrigerators are selected to review below.


This number 1 most popular wine refrigerator is the Dual Zone Thermoelectric wine refrigerator. Like its name says, it has two zones you can place up to 32 bottle of wines in the zones. In term of the design, many customers have viewed as a stylish wine refrigerator. However, it has many interesting functions such as the temperature digital display and the pull out wooden shelf. These are for convenient use and good temperature control take care of those wines.

NewAir Thermoelectric wine refrigerator is another great choice. From the customer point of view, this should also be a smart and good quality refrigerators because they have rated this product 4 out of 5 stars in total. The three main features of this NewAir wine refrigerators are temperature digital display, removal racks, and the freestanding design. These are just enough to make this one of the best wine refrigerators.

Smaller in size, this wine refrigerator could hold only 18 bottle of wines. Inside the refrigerator, there are two zones to place your wine, and from the outside, you can see the temperature and control it through its touchscreen display. Also, because this model has been produced with great technology, its cooling system is very energy-efficiency and CFC free.


The Danby wine cooler instead has a very simple design. However, it has got quite a positive review from the customers. For this specific model of Danby, it can hold up to 36 bottles. Nevertheless, you can seek the ones with 6, 12, 17, or even 75 bottles of wine from the same design and brand. It depends on your need. In terms of design, it has a see through glass door with blue LED light inside.


NewAir AW-181E Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

This is another one of the best wine refrigerators from NewAir. It stores 18 bottles of wines to the maximum, and it has a complete different design than the NewAir wine cooler mentioned above. The wall of this wine cooler is made from the good quality stainless steel while its glass door is insulated to maintain the insider temperature very well. Even special, this NewAir has been said to operate very quietly.

If at home, you need a small wine cooler, this might be best for you. You can store at most 8 bottles of wines inside this little wine refrigerator. Because it is small, you can place it anywhere at home or in your kitchen. It will not consume much of your space. By its adjustable digital display, you can control its inside temperature, and soft LED light is attached as its internal design.

Sunpentown is another option to consider when you are looking for a good quality, medium size wine refrigerator. It can store up to 20 bottles of wine, and it consumes very little power. For long time use, it does save your cost a lot. However, in terms of design and functionality, this one is no less good than the rest. It has a soft LED light inside and it has touch sensitive control door to adjust the temperature between 54 – 66 F.

Specifically different from the rest, this NewAir modeled, AW-210ED has two separated zones to store the wines. The top one is much smaller than the bottom one, as you can see in the picture. However, both may serve your different purposes very well. During operation, this wine cooler is very quiet and runs without vibration. That is very a good to keep the original taste of your wines.

Built with the latest cooling technology, the Danby DWC1233BL-SC could hold 12 bottles of wines, and it is best for home use. Its price is also not very high. Many people would be able to afford this easily. In relation with its overall quality and customer satisfaction, this product should be doing very well since they have got a somehow very positive customer rate. Silent operation and quietness are two other value added features of this wine cooler.

Avanti is another small and perfect wine cooler to bring home with. It stores 12 bottles of wine, and its inside temperature can be controlled easily from the outside. Many customers have agreed that this Avanti little wine cooler has a smart and creative design. Even your wine is already opened, you can still store in inside with its vertical storage design while its door is the curved glass that looks modern and stylish. These are some of the reasons why it brings very good customer reviews to the product.

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