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A Review of the 10 Best Ceiling Fans In 2015

Ceiling fans often are like a forest of trees. It can be exceedingly difficult to find exactly the one tree you want to find when there are hundreds of other trees surrounding it. It is also the same when you really want to buy one of the 10 best ceiling fans available. There are literally hundreds of fans offered for sale. It can be a search to find the one that is right for you.

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You will need to consider a few things before you start, and these will help you as you take on the project of finding the one in the many. First, think about your decor, as you want to have it fit in nicely. Second, measure the room where your new fan will live. Each fan has a measurement for the length of the blades, the height of the entire fan unit, and any extra length hanging down into your room if it is not a flush mount. Flush mounts can be installed from the ceiling, and some from angled beams or side posts.

Third, consider whether or not you want your fan to have a light or not. Finally, look at the variations in extras such as remote control features, reversible blades or environmental energy savings. With these basics in mind, you will have a better idea of what you want in a fan. You will also consider cost. Start with this review of ten ceiling fan candidates to help focus on the most important features:

1. Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan 53091

1. Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan 53091 This attractive ceiling fan with five reversible blades is designed to cool large rooms. The blades are made with cherry wood from Brazil using an oak colored stain. It will keep up to 400 square feet comfortable. You can mount it with its toffee colored glass light or opt to do so without it. The motor is powerful, yet quiet. It is very easy to install, and has three choices for its mounting positions, including standard, angled or flush. The metallic parts are bronze . The fan weighs 20 pounds and once assembled it is 52 inches in diameter. It is not eligible for shipping internationally, but within the United States only. There is a manufacturer’s warranty which offers 1 year on parts, but not the motor, light bulbs or glass globes and this is available upon request from customer service. Customers who own this fan appreciate its ability to move a lot of air quietly. Some owners would have preferred that it give off more light. Most often, owners felt it was easy to install in under an hour, and that it was efficient and affordable.

2. 60″ Casa Vieja Turbina™ Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

2. 60 When you want to hang your fan outdoors you need one rated for use in the outdoor weather. This fan is advertised as constructed completely of oil rubbed bronze finish including the motor casing and the blades. The span of the three blade system totals 60 inches. Those who own it recommend that it be mounted at least 10 feet higher than the floor as the blades are metal. It can be mounted at an angle using special mounting materials. Most owners hung it in very high ceiling areas. Most say that it is very efficient but not quiet on the highest speed setting.

3. Westinghouse 78603 Petite Ceiling Fan

3. Westinghouse 78603 Petite Ceiling Fan When you need a fan that hugs closer to the ceiling consider this model. It is designed for smaller areas up to 80 square feet. This model features six fan blades and three speeds. When the weather changes you can reverse the 30 inch blades so that their direction moves warm air down into the room. The unit includes a mushroom shaped light and antique brass metal. The overall diameter is 30 inches, with a 12 inch height. The motor is very quiet and there is a 2 year warranty on its parts, plus a lifetime warranty on the motor. All of its mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. Owners of this fan liked the amount of air it moves and describe the sound as quiet, but not completely silent. There is a low grade hum when using it. Owners also appreciated that it was fairly easy to install. Some feel that the light is attractive, but doesn’t supply enough light to suit their needs.

4. Hunter 53089 Builder Deluxe 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

4. Hunter 53089 Builder Deluxe 52-Inch Ceiling Fan The five beech blades on this unit are white, and arrayed around a linen colored glass light. The fan is designed to work best in rooms of 485 square feet or less. You can choose from three different positions for mounting as the system will allow for flush, angled or standard variations. There are two candelabra blubs at 60 watts each included, but you can also mount the fan without the light. The blade direction is reversible. This fan is made from metal colored to match the snowflake color of the light bulb. It is sleek and modern, with coloring to coordinate with white décor and building materials. Many owners of this fan purchased it due to its white color, and one savvy owner warned that the color is actually more of a toffee color. There are some who purchased a separate remote for it because it did not come with one. Customers discovered that the product will work with CFL light bulbs.

5. Tommy Bahama TB135DBZ Cabrillo Cove

5. Tommy Bahama TB135DBZ Cabrillo Cove Tropical leaves are the theme for this fan, but it also comes with a complete set of alternate weather resistant paddle fans for outdoor use. The main body is made in a distressed bronze color and the glass is colored an amber mist. There is a remote control included which allows for three different speeds. This product is designed for use in rooms with eight, nine or ten foot ceilings, and comes with different down rod lengths to allow for adjusting the distance from the ceiling. Owners liked the remote control feature very much. They appreciated that it can be mounted on the wall and that it eliminates the traditional chains that hang down from the center. Most felt it was perfect for a tropical décor, and used in a porch, patio or den.

6. Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fan

6. Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fan This handsome ceiling fan has two lights and two 48 inch blades. Designed for use indoors, it has a glass bowl made in frosted opal and brushed nickel case. The fan motor is made from silicon steel and will adjust to four different speeds. It is made for rooms that are 12 by 12 feet, an it comes with two 40 watt light bulbs, torpedo style. There is a 6 inch down rod and 78 inch lead wire included for installation purposes. Owners point out that the fan can have clicking problems and this noise can be intermittent, which makes it even more frustrating. You can add a remote, but it doesn’t come with it. You can also change out the bulbs to CFL and use brighter ones. The lack of light coming from those included in the package is not bright enough for some customers.

7. Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan

7. Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan For a sleek look, combining oil rubbed bronze and maple blades, this fan would work well in any contemporary or transitional setting. There are 5 reversible blades which can be adjusted using the hand held remote. This unit also allows for dimming the lights. To reverse the blade direction you do need to use a switch by hand, located on the motor. The blade diameter is 52 inches. The light is dimmable and uses an LED module inside the etched style lens. The majority of people who own this fan absolutely love it. They believe that the higher prices in the product line are well worth the money paid to get a fan that is easy to install and made very well. They cite the higher quality as contributing to the better function and lights that are offered in this brand.

8. Hunter Fan Company 59052 Palermo Ceiling Fan

8. Hunter Fan Company 59052 Palermo Ceiling Fan Environmentally conscious consumers will like this Energy Star rated fan. It is noted for its air movement, which is top rated in its class, and it works in larger rooms up to 485 square feet. There are five plywood blades which offer either maple or cherry finishes. Its case is of brushed nickel and the outer blade dimension reaches 52 inches. The style is contemporary, but this item will easily adapt within many interior design styles. Owners like the remote control function, but dislike the level of customer service they receive when asking questions about various problems with parts and repairs.

9. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft Ceiling Fan With Wall Control

9. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft Ceiling Fan With Wall Control With a sleek steel finish that is brushed to a satiny gloss, this Energy Star fan is very much like a piece of contemporary art. It is designed for use in indoor spaces with very high ceilings such as modern lofts. It has three highly efficient blades which are 60 inches long. You can control it from a wall unit using any of its four available speeds, and it is also adaptable for a remote control unit. There is no light in this fan. Customers who own this fan like its large capacity for moving air in the room quietly. Most that own it really like it. Some bought it because it has no light, because they preferred its modernistic lines. Others have mentioned that it can wobble, though opinions are mixed on this problem.

10. Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana Ceiling Fan

10. Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana Ceiling Fan This fan is an attractive modernistic design with a light included. The light is made of glass with a frosted surface and it is single, in kit form. The light requires candelabra bulbs. There are four blades that are 48 inches long and chrome with a brushed finish. There is a down rod that is 6 inches long with an additional cable for safety. The majority of owners like the industrial style of this fan and feel that it was well worth the price considering the quality. Others have had good experiences with customer service when they needed parts replaced. Many who purchased this product own more than one. Whether your taste in decor runs from traditional to modern, there is a ceiling fan that is designed to fit your decor. These practical additions to any living or work space help enormously to keep things cooler when the weather is hot. Some even have reversible blades that help to conserve heat by forcing it downward, though it would normally be lost to the ceiling. The key to finding the one that is perfect for you is to consider what you like it terms of decor, and then purchase the one that fits your space and design requirements.

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