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Why My Kids Fall in Love with the Disney Princess Movie “Frozen”

Remember how almost everyone grew up and was able to sing along to the sound of music and if you couldn’t you were an outcast? It seems Disney has finally let out the big guns with its 53rd animated feature hit frozen movie. Children sang along with Julie Andrews to the do-roh-mi song for nearly 40 years with more than half of them never having seen the movie.

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The new addition to the Disney classic collection is poised to be one of the best movies of our generation. Kids love all over the world for its simple flow, combination of tragedy and humor, beautifully crafted songs and the classic Disney magic of whisking kids away into a fairy tale land.
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Remember “Gangnam Style” experiment where kids who were crying or asleep would suddenly wake up thrilled and start dancing to the song? Well the “Let it go” soundtrack has been primed to be an all-time great; selling a staggering 2.7 million copies in the states and beating the likes of ordinary love (u2), the moon song (Karen O) and happy (Pharrell Williams) to a best Original Song Academy award.

Kids love it so much that mums are saying their kids have a cult like obsession with the song and movie. One reviewer exclaimed that she uses the song to wake her child from sleep on days they need to be somewhere while another related that her son insists to be called Elsa running around the house feigning to freeze everything he could get his hands on.

Digging into Frozen
Digging into Frozen

You would be forgiven to think this is just another review with ill guided attempts aimed at raising your expectations then having them tumble once you actually see the movie. Unlike most kid movies this Disney masterpiece bridges the gap between the young and old.

Customer reviews on amazon cite that the best thing about the movie is in the plot, the sidekicks, obviously the music and the fact that for ones a kid’s movie actually teaches something of value to reality.

For once the sidekicks Sven and Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) are a humorous addition that does not distract the movie achieving a balance of a serious plot that is still humorous without either outdoing the other.

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