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Pacquiao vs Mayweather Fight: Top 10 Most Beautiful T-Shirts Reviews

The world biggest fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is going to happen soon in May. Many millions of the fans around the world are waiting for this event. Nonetheless, there will be lucky people who have got a chance to really witness the fight with their own eyes. It will be a great moment for them. Commonly, those fans will be looking for the special T-Shirt with either one of the two on as to show their support. Here it comes, now. We have selected the top best and most beautiful T-Shirts for you to check out below.

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1. opm-clothing Manny Pacquiao Fighter Boxing Man t-shirt

1. opm-clothing Manny Pacquiao Fighter Boxing Man t-shirt
If you are a fan of PacMan, this shirt will do. It was a t-shirt with the design of a fighting pacman in the front. Besides a shirt with special make for the event, it is also the good quality t-shirt, produced from 100% cotton and is perfectly machine washable. This opm-clothing Manny Pacquiao fighter boxing man is actually a brand new, never worn t-shirt though without the tag. For now, this T-shirt is being sold a good cheaper deal. If you like it, you can get it quick.

2. RILI Men’s Manny Pacquiao T-shirt

2. RILI Men's Manny Pacquiao T-shirt
With also the Pacman in the front, this RILI Men’s Manny pacquiao T-shirt has had more of a funny design cartoon picture of Manny Pacquiao T-Shirt. This makes it much more unique than the rest. If you are a supporter of Pacman, this is also one of the perfect choices for you. Similarly, this shirt was produced 100% from cotton and is washable without fade. It is quite a high quality T-shirt besides being best for the event.

3. Men Manny Pacquiao 4 Customized 100% Cotton White T-Shirt By Mjensen

3. Men Manny Pacquiao 4 Customized 100% Cotton White T-Shirt By Mjensen
Also for the Pacquiao supporter, this is another amazing design by Mjensen. For your selection, 10 colors are made available while this green one seems to be most popular among the users. As the t-shirt is totally made from cotton as their material, users are going to feel really comfortable wearing this soft t-shirt. If you like this, you should order it quick since it may takes up to two weeks to be shipped and arrive at your home while the event is quite close.

4. Urban Shaolin men’s inspired Manny Pacquiao Boxing Fitted T Shirt, Yellow

4. Urban Shaolin men's inspired Manny Pacquiao Boxing Fitted T Shirt, Yellow
Available in many sizes to choose, this Urban Shaolin Men’s is another design to show support to Pacquiao. As you can see in the above picture, from the front, we can see the design with shirtless pacman with his name on the top. The shirt is quite lovely and eye-catching for many people around. On the other hand, the t-shirt quality is also quite high, making it extremely soft to wear.

5. Yisw Male Manny Pacquiao T-Shirt O Neck Sport Tees Shirt

Yisw Male Manny Pacquiao T-Shirt O Neck Sport Tees Shirt
Before getting into the t-shirt with Mayweather as the design, let’s enjoy the review of this last Pacman shirt. Similarly, there are so many colors to choose within the same design of this t-shirt. While its price is reasonable, the t-shirt is made up of cotton that makes it nice and comfortable to wear. This O neck t-shirt is also made best to be washed by the machine. Getting this, and it will become one of your favorite t-shirts.

6. Stefano Men’s Floyd Mayweather Jr Cartoon T-shirt

6. Stefano Men's Floyd Mayweather Jr Cartoon T-shirt
Here it comes the shirt for Mayweather, and it was design in a cartoon style. More importantly, the t-shirt does look quite attractive. The shirt is actually made and designed by HANLU with cotton as its main material for the product. That is why its final t-shirt is with a fine quality bringing both great looking and the comfortable wear to the users. Some discount also applies now to the product.

7. YIRONG Men’s Manny Pacquiao FloydMayweather T-shirt

7. YIRONG Men's Manny Pacquiao FloydMayweather T-shirt
For this t-shirt number 7, its design is a combination of both the Pacman and the Floyd Mayweather. It is really a special t-shirt for the event. Regarding its printing method, it uses the digital direct printing with environmentally-friendly ink. This makes it highly resistant with fade when washing it with the machine. A variety of colors are available to select in the meantime.

8. RILI Men’s Floyd Mayweather T-shirt

8. RILI Men's Floyd Mayweather T-shirt
This is as well the T-shirt from RILI, but it was designed with Floyd Mayweather on its front. Similarly to t-shirt number two, the RILI Men’s Floyd Mayweather was made mainly from cotton, and it has been printed on with digital direct printing technology which will not fade though being washed with the machine. This particular suggestion is in red. In case you love a different color, a lot more can be chosen.

9. Mens Tmt Logo Black T-shirt

9. Mens Tmt Logo Black T-shirt
Built in American standard size, this Mens tmt is a customizable t-shirt. This makes its design very unique and special in style. Cotton is the main component and material of the t-shirt, so there is no doubt at all that you are going to have a great wear with the shirt. If you do like and order this, you will get it very quick. As noted, normally, it will be shipped within the next 7 days. So, you should be able to get it quick after that.

10. LVHUAN Mens Floyd Mayweather Punch T Shirt

10. LVHUAN Mens Floyd Mayweather Punch T Shirt
The last LVHUAM Mens Floyd Mayweather Punch T-shirt is also very popular recently as times has moved even closer to the event. This t-shirt was designed for a slim fit and from 100% cotton as the material. For best wash, you should always wash it with cool water outside in. The printing was also done with high quality. It is machine washable, and the printing will not fade.

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