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Shahrukh Khan Net Worth in 2014 – What you need to know

Shahrukh Khan is one of the most richest Indian actors internationally. Born in 1965, 2nd November, his mother Mrs Lateef Fatima can be understood to have first inspired the great talent of Mr. Khan as she always believed that he was destined to be a great actor. This she speculated from the physical similarities of Mr. Khan and the famous Bollywood actor of the time – Dilip Kumar. Shahruhk Khan has been noted to resemble the acting skills of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan and has always signified a strong trademark in his acting roles.

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Born and raised in Delhi, Mr. Khan has always had exemplary performance in his studies and sports as he was articulately marked as an all rounder student. In fact during his time spent at St. Columba School he won the sword of honor award and was a captain of three different games i.e hockey, football and cricket all at the same time. He has always been seen to hold up a very strong personality that he indicated towards his belief system of having a never give up attitude. He strongly believed that talent, belief in one self and perseverance would strongly impact the ability to achieve success. After he sustained an injury while playing football, Mr. Khan decided to take on acting as a career in which he has been marked to greatly flourish at. Mr. Khan also states that he credits most of his success in acting to his mentor and tutor Mr. Barry John. Even with the initial inspiration of becoming an actor someday was derived from his mother, Mr. Khan only managed to harness his acting skills at this point in his life when he undertook theatre classes after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Hansraj College and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from Miliya Islamia.

Career and Net Worth Earnings

Highly reckoned as the King of Bollywood or King Khan, Mr. Khan has articulated exemplary acting skills that have boosted his entertainment experience in a very wide range. Mr. Khan has attracted both national and international fans who greatly value his high quality skills in the entertainment industry. He started off with a humble beginning of acting in theatrical plays and several television series in the 1980’s such as Wagle Ki Duniya, Dil Dariya, Fauji, Doosra Keval, Circus and Umeed. He also acted in one movie in the 1980’s which is known as In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones. In the 1990’s Sharukh Khan acting career gradually enveloped a handsome success as he starting to gain more fanatics and recognition in his high quality acting performance. His fans depicted that Sharukh Khan as one and who could highly articulate the personality of each of his characters.

Currently Mr. Khan now works in multiple professions in the entertainment industry as an actor, presenter, voice actor and film producer. Mr Khan has won outstanding awards in the entertainment industry majority attributed to the hindi films he has acted such as Om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Deewana, King Uncle Anjaam, Kabh Haan Kabhi Naa, Koylam Guddu, Karan Arjun, Dushman Duniya Ka, Oh Darling Yeh Hai India, Ram Jaane and many more as his total count of movies are currently figured at 70 movies. Married to an Indian film Producer and interior designer- Mrs Gauri Chibber since 1991, Mr. Shahrukh Khan has also been marked to have build up a storng family and marriage as he has developed his success over the past few decades.

His other nicknames include; the King of Romance, the 2nd King of Romance, the Tom Cruise of India, the Badshah of Bollywood, SRK, King Khan. The diversity in his nicknames is perhaps in his diverse acting roles as depicted in the movies and films he has acted. He has also challenged his own acting roles as he first started off as a heroic actor in the movies and television series programmes he acted. Against the advice of all those around him Mr. Khan took on a negative actor role where he became the bad guy in the movie or series programme he acted. He acted as a psychotic character in Darr and Baazigar both acted in 1993. To his advisors surprise both moves hit the charts massively and Shahrukh earned his very first best actor award. This move crafted the future acting career of Mr. Khan as he also won the Critics Awards for best performance in 1994 for his acting role in Kabhi Haan Kabh Naa. He also rated this movie as his among his favorites.

Rated as the richest Indian actor, Shahrukh Khan has amazed the public with his ability to always step out of his comfort zone and strive for the best in all his works. He has worn the Filmfare awards fourteen times and CURRENTLYOWN PRODUCTION COMPANIES I.E. Red Chillies Entertainment and Dreamz Unlimited. He also co-own the IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders.

As should be expected of great performance the net worth earnings of Mr. Khan have gradually been rising to the current noted figure of USD$ 600 million. In 2012 Mr. Khan was seen to earn USD $ 3,050,000 from acting the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan. In 2013, Mr. Khan’s earning rose to USD $5, 310 000 for acting the film Chennai Express. With an net worth earning rate of USD $ 600 billion, Mr. Khan is currently rated among the top five actors in the world for both Hindi and Internationally acted films. He has a fortune of luxury homes and cars in Mumbai, London and Dubai and has also made several real estate investments. Mr. Khan is also highly signified as a philanthropist as he funds countless humanitarian charities and projects that support the enhancement of the quality of living of various groups of societies around the world. He keeps his personal participation as a philanthropist out of the public cameras a she loves to focus on what matters in the humanitarian projects. These can be to help improve the state of poverty in several communities, or help the sick and other special needs of various groups of societies.