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Top 10 Best iPhone 6 And iPhone 6plus Flip Cases and Covers Reviews

Giving your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus a full protection both on the screen and the back is somehow necessary. Besides preventing the phone from scratches, it simply makes the users feel more relaxed and worry less about their beloved expensive iphone. The good news is there are a lot of cases and covers that are particularly produced to best suit Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus. Those also come with different stylish designs. To figure out the best ones with best price for you, we have done research and collected these top 10 best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases and covers with a brief review for you.

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1. roocase iPhone 6 Plus Case

roocase iPhone 6 Plus Case
The first best case for iPhone 6 Plus case you should consider is this stylish full-body protection case from roocase. The case was produced carefully to work only with the iPhone 6 case, so it has a precise cutout that perfectly fits the phone. Importantly, the item was made from very high quality material for high quality protection either the back or front side. The case additionally was built in with the screen protection. By this, you will not have to purchase another screen protector at all.

2. iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen

iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen
If you prefer the flip case more, you would have a better consideration with this Spigen case for Iphone 6 Plus. Available in black and white, the case has had a sleek shining design with soft touch, made from synthetic leather. While it fits perfectly to the phone, the case could provide full protection from the back. Even better, the flip cover of the case can also be convert to the stand so that you can watch videos with your Iphone easily.

3. iPhone 6 Plus Case

iPhone 6 Plus Case
Uniquely about this amazing case for iPhone 6 Plus, it has a square curve in the front to allow an interactive with screen without having to flip over other covers. Additionally, the case has a very nice design and smart cut that allows users with full accessibility to the ports and buttons of the phone. Even smarter, the case was built with advanced sensor technology which users can just slide over the case to answer.

4. iPhone 6 Plus Case, Abacus24-7

iPhone 6 Plus Case, Abacus24-7
To some users, having a flip case for their Iphone 6 Plus with also the slots to store the cards is quite helpful. That is why there are certain designs of wallet cases that have the slot as their feature. This Abacus24-7 is one of them. Having the full body made from synthetic leather which is so good about durability, the case was nicely made very attractive with convertible cover as a stand. The case is really a lovely choice while its price is as well reasonable.

5. iPhone 6 Plus Case, LK

iPhone 6 Plus Case, LK
Designed in style as a premium case for Iphone 6 Plus, this one from LK is among the most bought with very positive 4 star review from its users. This shows a lot of satisfaction it has created for its users. Simply, many users who have seen this design, they really like it. As well for the usability, the case was made with the inclusion of two small slots and 1 big slot, which allows people to store something like credit card easily when going out.

6. roocase iPhone 6 Case

roocase iPhone 6 Case
This is another roocase case which has identical design to product number 1. However, this one was made for Iphone 6. So far, it seems quite obvious that this design is very popular since it is stylish, and it has a good quality material that makes the product last long for use while it also can provide full protection to your iPhone either the front or back side. Besides scratches, as tested, the case was found to also work very well as the drop protection.

7. iPhone 6 Case, GMYLE

iPhone 6 Case, GMYLE
From GMYLE for iPhone 6 Case, it is the synthetic leather flip case, made with good quality material to ensure the fine final product as this case. It is soft to touch, and it can secure a great protection for your Iphone 6. The design of the case is as well very nice-looking in style. For better media use, the case can easily be made as a stand for your video watching from the phone. However, it is important to note that the case is only perfectly compatible with Iphone 6.

8. iPhone 6 Case, Spigen

iPhone 6 Case, Spigen
Compared to other cases in this list, this Spigen has an extremely smart design with good usefulness. It has three small slots with 1 big pocket on the wall of the cover in addition to its strong and secure grip to hold and protect your iPhone 6 from scratches and drop. Its elegant design is also very attractive to many users. The item has also been one of the most popular iPhone 6 flip cases in Amazon.

9. iPhone 6 Case, Terrapin

iPhone 6 Case, Terrapin
The number 9 instead is another incredible flip cover case for iPhone 6 Case, designed in pink. Made from leather, this iPhone 6 case has gained a good popularity since its first release for sale. In terms of protection, with its clever design, you can expect a thorough protection for your phone since the case was built thick and covered a full body of the phone. As an additional features, card slots and wrist strap are included to its overall design.

10. iPhone 6 Case, 4.7″ Inch Full-Body Premium PU Flip Cover Leather Case

10. iPhone 6 Case, 4.7" Inch Full-Body Premium PU Flip Cover Leather Case
Lastly, another case to present as a suggestion to the users is this full-body protection leather case for iPhone 6 only. The case does have a unique design with its leather material and the wrist strap. Besides scratches and dirt, the case will also work quite well for drop protection. Most of the times, there will be nothing noticeable happening when accidental drop happens.

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