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Top 10 Best LG G4 Screen Protectors Reviews

It isn’t very funny to have a smart new cellphone and having dirt, dust and scratches making it look like a lucky packet phone. The best LG G4 screen protectors are super thin and clear so that your phone appears to not have a protector on. The protector also works to prevent smudges and finger prints and the reflective screen protectors also remove glare.
Cell phones today are significant financial investments, and you need to protect their value, particularly the phone’s glass screen which is more vulnerable than other parts of the phone. Your cell phone’s delicate, fragile glass surface will be protected from the sun’s UV rays too, and all it requires is to position the protector properly on your phone to prevent bubbles forming and to also prevent the edges peeling up. If you are wondering, with so many choices available, which one to go for, the here is our top 10 best LG G4 Screen Protectors

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1. The Skinomi TechSkin – LG G4

The Skinomi TechSkin - LG G4
This screen protector comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. This screen protector will certainly keep your mobile device looking brand new. Skinomi offer the TechSkin Full Body line which is made from the same thermoplastic polyurethane material that the military uses. Your phone will be protected from scratches and dust, and the clarity of the protector preserves the phone’s sleek looks. The film is UV resistant which prevents it from yellowing. The sale price for the protector is $13.95.

2. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
This protector offers UV protection and made from robust material used to protect military aircraft. The self-healing properties work to eliminate scratches on the film. The cut of the protector has been designed to provide a perfect fit for your device. It also comes with corrosion- and moisture protection. The protector comes with a touch responsive shield with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. With its smooth glass-like surface, it offers protection from scratches, reduces oil and fingerprint smudges, and is priced at $19.95 with a sale price of $5.95.

3. iLLumiShield

This LG G4 screen protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. The film offers a ‘true touch’ feel and is also crafted to be as invisible as possible. The Ultra Clear HD screen provides all the protection you need from scratches while still providing crystal clear visibility. The screens use high quality PET film which is imported from Japan. There is an additional optical-laminate layer which enhances the clarity of your screen. The iLLumiShield Ultra Clear HD is also anti-bubble and finger-proof. The screen protector is priced at $7.95.

4. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin
This LG G4 screen protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. LIQuidSkin is a responsive, ultra-smooth material made specially for touchscreen users. The unique unique liquid molding process offers protection in a single sheet of frictionless, flexible film. With the super smooth feel, unattractive bubbles and peeling are eliminated, what with the urethane material being such an improvement on the conventional PET film. This means your screen protector comes with added flexibility and supreme coverage. This screen protector is priced at $13.95.

5. Skinomi® TechSkin

Skinomi® TechSkin
The beauty about this screen protector is that you get effective damage protection without additional weight. Each Skinomi screen protector is engineered and custom-fit to offer exact fitment which is all but impenetrable. You get an elegant film look and installation doesn’t require liquid. With Grade-A materials, this Gold Carbon Fiber Full Body Skin Protector which is 1mm thick will ensure no air bubbles and is priced at $13.95.

6. Skinomi® TechSkin

6. Skinomi® TechSkin
This LG G4 Screen Protector has also been designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art materials to offer supreme damage protection. The protector has been engineered and custom-fit for a precise fitment which ensures maximum protection. Installing this Skinomi Carbon Fiber Film is easy and no liquid is required. There is a grid like pattern and this helps the skin adhere completely to the device. The 1mm thick Carbon Fiber skin is strong and virtually weightless and is priced at $13.95.

7. G4 Case ,Powertrue Dual Layer Hybrid Armor Protective Case

G4 Case ,Powertrue Dual Layer Hybrid Armor Protective Case
This case is made with two different components. The components are made with silicone material and hard plastic. These components ensure excellent shock absorbing capabilities. The inner silicone component ensures and excellent fit on the device. Installation is easy and requires a simple snap-on and snap-off procedure. Users are still able to access every port on the device without any frustration. This price of this case is $8.99.

8. LG G4 Screen Protector, Spigen

LG G4 Screen Protector, Spigen
Spigen offers great screen protectors against scratches and fingerprints, whether it is a PET film or military-grade film. This Japanese base PET film screen protector comes in a pack of 3 front screen protectors. Application is easy and is a dry application, which once complete, will leave your mobile device completely bubble free with no residue and looking crystal clear. This screen protector is priced at $9.99.

9. Fosmon LG G4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Fosmon LG G4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
With this screen protector you get High Definition and Ultra Clear 9H Hardness which is chemically strengthened hardness 3x stronger than traditional PET film. The thermal resistance screen protector is engineered with strength and safety in mind and is ultra thin 0.26mm shatter-safe tempered glass. This is one of the thinnest glass screen protectors available and the TOUCH screen protector won’t shatter into sharp pieces. With its Oleophobic Coating you won’t get fingerprint smears. The rounded corners have also been designed to prevent chipping. With a 12 month Limited Replacement Warranty, this effective protector comes at $7.99.

10. LG G4 Screen Protector – VENA

LG G4 Screen Protector – VENA
This Anti-Glare Matte Japanese PET Film screen protector is great in that it minimizes reflection which prevents eyestrain. With the 3H technology you get a hard surface coating that ensure your phone is protected from scratches, smears and dust. With its Lifetime Replacement Warranty Information, the anti-static silicone adhesive layer ensures a bubble free installation. This excellent screen protector is priced at $5.99

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