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Top 10 Best Selfie Stick To Take The Perfect Photos In 2015 Reviews

Taking a photo and share it on social media is a very common thing for this young generation, and things are even easier after the invention of the selfie stick. Normally, you would need to ask someone around to help take the photo for you. Nevertheless, for now, the good long enough selfie stick will allow you to do it by yourself from any angle you like. And, if we look to the market, there seems to be the selfie sticks of many different designs, shapes, sizes and lengths. But, the best ones outstand. For next, we are going to review those best ones for you. In case you are looking for a nice selfie stick too, you are going to have plenty of choices to consider.

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1. Selfie Stick, Flexion

Selfie Stick, Flexion
Flexion is one of the best and most popular selfie sticks now on the market. It has done very well as well online and has become one of the best selling selfie sticks on Amazon. This is the clear evidence for its general best features that satisfy the users badly. However, let’s now explore its detail. The first good reason for this Flexion is it can be extended up to 3.5 feet. Additionally, its holder was made with a strong grip and best fit with any phone size. It is also rotatable for your selfie from any angle.

2. GoPro The Handler

 GoPro Pole by CamKix
Another one to consider is the GoPro The Handler. Instead from gripping your phone, this monopod is made for the GoPro camera. It has a perfect grip and the long enough handle to allow you to have your selfie easily the way you want. While its overall design is nicely attractive, the handle of this GoPro The Handler has been covered by a soft material, making it comfortable to hold.

3. GoPro Pole by CamKix

GoPro Pole by CamKix
This next one is also the GoPro Pole, and it was produced by CamKix. In terms of popularity on the market, this GoPro Pole is no less good than the rest. The users have rated it as a 4 star product. This should mean a lot for the customer satisfaction as well as its high quality to serve users for the best selfie. More importantly, it can be extended and retracted easily. So, you can have the selfie with the distance you want while it can be shrinked and kept in the bag easily.

4. UFCIT(TM) Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick Monopod

UFCIT(TM) Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick Monopod
This would go back the selfie stick with the holder for smartphones. Built suitable with almost all the sizes of the smartphones including Iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, the holder of this selfie stick is made with a comfortable handle to hold as well as the gripping head to securely hold your phone with the least possibility that it will scratch your phone. For the extendable length of this pole is around 8.5 inch.

5. EEZY Selfie Stick

EEZY Selfie Stick
EEZY Selfie Stick is one of the newest designs on the market. That is why you can see it looking superiorly awesome. As well, the quality, the usability, and the durability of this selfie stick have made it among the top most bought selfie sticks online. And, no matter what kind of your smartphone, you will not need to worry. The holder of this selfie stick best suits most of the smartphones available out there.


Even a easier selfie stick, you are going to enjoy using this Looq nicely. For a good reason to consider about this Looq is it can amazingly be extended to 41.7 inches, and more importantly, it was built perfectly compatible with Android and iOS. Likewise, with the Looq, you will not have to care about the battery or even the Bluetooth connection, it has an effective wire attached to allow you to remote control as well as take your best selfie any time.

7. Extendable Selfie Stick by CamKix

Extendable Selfie Stick by CamKix
Earlier we have presented the pole from CamKix for the GoPro camera. Its version that works with smartphones has also been very popular since it has had a stunning design with convenient use. Among over a thousand customer reviews, this gets rated as a 4.5 star item. It is the overwhelm satisfaction the customers have had on the product. Consequentially, this has become a clear evidence for later users to consider the item.

8. Smatree SmaPole Y1 Telescopic Handheld Selfie Pole

Smatree SmaPole Y1 Telescopic Handheld Selfie Pole
This Smatree SmaPole Handheld Selfie Pole is an amazing pole to hold your GoPro camera for your selfie. As well, by swapping the phone cradle, you can also use with the most of the smartphones to take a selfie. This is its very superior point on the usefulness. Moreover, the control will be used through the wifi remote, and that makes it extremely convenient to use. And, if you need a long extendable pole, this will also be best for you. You can extend it up to 48 inches.

9. Smatree SmaPole S1 All-aluminum alloy 16″-40″ GoPro Handheld Pole

Smatree SmaPole S1 All-aluminum alloy 16"-40" GoPro Handheld Pole
This is also from a Smatree SmaPole, but it has a complete different design and many different features to the first Smatree SmaPole. Most part of the pole was made from strong aluminum while the handle was coated with soft plastic. These make it durable as well as comfortable to hold at the same time. With its very affordable price, this selfie stick has become even one of the happy deals for many users.

10. Selfie Stick,Mpow iSnap Pro

Selfie Stick,Mpow iSnap Pro
This last selfie stick to suggest is the one from Mpow iSnap Pro. The item is as well the best product on Amazon. This is of a great trust you can rely on for its quality. By the same token, this selfie stick has been rated highly positive. In addition to its long extendable length, the stick has an adjustable phone cradle which allows users to take selfie from any angle as well as either in portrait or landscape. Meanwhile, its price is not too expensive to afford.

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