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Top 10 Best Oneplus One Accessories In Reviews

The fact is for now the world of smartphone has gone mainly to a few top brands such as iPhone and Samsung. Following, the majority of the accessories are produced to best fit for those smartphones. However, to an extent, there are still people who love a different smartphone brand such as the OnePlus One. When you fall into this article, it is more than likely that you are one of them who love OnePlus One and might be looking for certain types of its accessories. If so, you have come right, for the following list we will review the top best accessories for Oneplus One for you.

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1. Oneplus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Oneplus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This first accessory is the screen protector which is made to best suit Oneplus One phone. The item was designed with a very good quality along with its polished and smooth touch. With this particular screen protector on, it will nicely help prevent your scratches and fingerprint traces on your screen. Likewise, it has an ultra-slim design which enables the most accurate touch for users.

2. OnePlus One Phone Case

OnePlus One Phone Case
Another very good accessory to have is the case. In the meantimes that it will help to protect your Oneplus One phone from scratches and breaking when dropped, to a certain level, the case is also simply beautiful, making your phone even more attractive. For the quality, there should be nothing to worry about at all since this matte case for Oneplus One was made with extremely high quality. For now, a variety of colors are there to choose.

3. Ebestsale Original Genuine Oneplus

Ebestsale Original Genuine Oneplus
This Ebestsale is also the case, but a genuine flip case for Oneplus One. For the design, it is appealing enough to catch the eyes of many people. Mainly, this Ebestsale case was made from good quality leather with very soft service, allowing users to hold it conveniently. More importantly, the case is particularly designed only to suit the Oneplus One phone. Therefore, you can expect the best fit from this flip case.

4. OnePlus One Screen Protector

OnePlus One Screen Protector
This is also the screen protector made for OnePlus. It is one of the few best protectors you may find on the market while it selling price is very good to buy without having to think twice. Besides being able to protect the screen of your OnePlus effectively from scratches and fingerprint, the screen will seem like disappearing at all from your screen. So, you will feel like there is none of the screen protector on the screen while the protection is always there. A lifetime warranty is also a part of the package.

5. Original Bamboo Battery Back Cover

Original Bamboo Battery Back Cover
Having the appearance like wooden case, this is the back case cover by Bamboo for the Oneplus One. Its design seems so simple. However, many people who have Oneplus One phone seem to feel so good about the case. That is why, to that extent, this case is quite popular for their choices. Before purchasing this, users should double check if this one is right for their phone since its refund policy will include 10% charge for the restocking charge.

6. Oneplus One Plus Case

Oneplus One Plus Case
Elegantly, this is another awesome design case you may like and want to order for your Oneplus One. As also a part of the design, a kick-stand feature is incorporated, letting users to stand the phone up and watch their videos easily if they need to. Even a smarter decision, the item sells in quite a cheaper price though its quality is high.

7. OnePlus One Plus One Case Wallet

OnePlus One Plus One Case Wallet
Instead, if you like the case in a form of a wallet shape, then this OnePlus One case might be righter for you. For its exterior design, it looks simply beautiful by its own shape and color without much of the complicated design. As the case is the leather case, it is softly gentle and greatly durable to use. In case, you do not want a screen protector, its flip cover should be enough to largely protect your screen from scratching.

8. Yootech OnePlus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Yootech OnePlus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Another screen protector that is also among the best and top items is the one from Yootech. This screen protector has been produced from tempered glass, and it has high performing features for the scratch-resistance as well as being able to reduce most of the fingerprints left on the screen. As well, the protector was made extremely slim and hard. Having this installed to your phone screen, the accurate touch and protection will always be there for you.

9. Genuine Original Colorful Oneplus PC Back Cover Case

Genuine Original Colorful Oneplus PC Back Cover Case
This is another back cover for you, available in different colors, in case you do not like the flip case cover. To the beauty, of course, the back cover has made up your phone to be even more attractive. However, to have a full protection for your Oneplus One phone, if you like this back cover case, you are also going to need a screen protector so that either for the front or back site, they are perfectly protected.

10. Ebestsale Original Oneplus

 Ebestsale Original Oneplus
Lastly, it is another item for Ebestsale for the Oneplus. However, this one is the beautiful connector. For one good feature, it has a good transmission rate which allows users to charge or transfer their music, videos or document files easily and fast. And, its TPE material makes this connector very durable. Importantly, it is eco-friendly. For the length, it is 80 cm. That is enough for you to charge or connect the phone to your computer conveniently.

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