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Top 10 the Best Summer Romance Books for Young Adults all most under $10

Romance is always on our minds because we love this theme. This summer has many books you can read about this subject, and we are going to talk about the top 10 best summer romance books for young adults all most under $10 here.

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1. Abducted

This book is all about the kidnap of Lizzy Gardner. A serial killer made her his prisoner one night just some blocks away from her home. However, she managed somehow to escape – she was the only one who survived. Years later she receives a news that the serial killer is after her, but this time he will make sure she will not escape.

2. The Girl Who Came Home

The Girl Who Came Home is an emotionally moving story that talks about some Irish emigrants aboard RMS Titanic. The story is inspired on true facts about the impact of the tragedy in the lives of the survivors – and also their descendants. The main character of the book is Maggie Murphy, who survived the tragedy when she was only a teenager. She even told the story to one of her descendants when she was an old woman.

3. The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine is the story of Evelyn Rhoades, a plastic surgeon dedicated almost entirely to her career. She does not want to marry – at least that is the way she thinks. She wants to marry scientically by using Internet dating sites and a list of criteria. However, something weird happens to her when she meets a man called Tyler Connelly. He is the worst choice, but she wins her heart.

4. Beneath the Patchwork Moon

The Beneath the Patchwork Moon is about the story of Luna Meadows, who is a fashion designer for the Hollywood elite. She has returned to his hometown to create an art center, which is something she has done to give something back to his beloved hometown. However, she finds her first love this time in the town. He wants to know some important things about the life of Luna Meadows anyway.

5. Devour

It is an anthology of 8 novels previously published by the following best-selling authors:
Fading by E.K. Blair, Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson, Sizzle by Lexi Buchanan, Always You by Missy Johnson, Fallen Crest High by Tijan, Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills, Love in Between by Sandi Lynn, and Emerge by S.E. Hall.

6. The Second Chance Café

The Second Chance Café is a story about the life of Kaylie Flynn, a woman who shuffled from home to home in her childhood. Later on when she grew up, she was able to establish a successful café thanks to the help of the people who gave her a home when she was a child. She was determined to make her dreams a reality when she was back in Hope Springs again, and answer some lingering questions about her past. However, she meets Tennessee Keller, a carpeter who is trying to become her boyfriend. Now, she must choose between her past and her future.

7. Asher

Asher is a story about a girl called Audrey. She has a dark past because her father died in a car crash. She has returned home at the age of eighteen, but the past has not gone. She has found the love of her life, a boy called Asher again. He is handsome and distant at the same time. She hates him, but he attracts her so much that there is danger in his presence.

8. Forever Ours

Forever Ours is the presequel of the best-selling book series Shattered Hearts. The story revolves around Clarie, a girl who has spent her childhood tossing around from home to home. Her caseworker tells her that she needs to behave or she will have trouble. She meets a guitar player called Chris, and soon they become lovers. However, their love is in danger.

9. All A Heart Needs

All A Heart Needs is a very emotiona story, which is full of mistery at the same time. The story revolves around a musician called Sean Callaway, who has been haunted by a tragedy he witnessed when he was just a child. Years later, he meets Jessica Schilling who knows something dagerous for her. Sean has the opportunity of becoming a hero, but he will be willing to save the love of his life.

10. Reasonable Doubt 2

Reasonable Doubt 2 is the story of a man who is very honest and desires the love of her life to be the same way. However, some troubles arise that he has to let her go anyway.

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