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Top 10 Best Tabletop And Travel Tripods In 2015 Reviews

To certain group of people who like taking photo and recording videos on their way during their trip, capturing exciting moment is a great joy. Commonly, besides the camera, they often need also the tripod. Tripods are indeed made differently. Take the travel tripods as an example. It is made specifically different with better lightweight and portability since it has to be easily taken everywhere. That is the convenient feature it offers in addition to the stability and durability of the product. Not to waste a lot of your time looking for the best one, we have collected and reviewed the top best items for you to check out.

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1. Sunpak SPK620786 5-Inch Flex Leg Mini-Spider Tripod

Sunpak SPK620786 5-Inch Flex Leg Mini-Spider Tripod
Firstly, let’s explore the Sunpak. It is a small mini-spider tripod that has been bought quite a lot so far. As its popularity as well as the quality is outstanding, the Sunpak has also become the best selling product in Amazon. Yes, sure. Normal products are unlikely to achieve this. Some of the main superior features of the item are the fact that it was made with lightweight with great stability to hold your camera during your recording as well as its nicely adjustable legs which allows you to customize the height easily.

2. Sony VCT-R640 Lightweight Tripod

Sony VCT-R640 Lightweight Tripod
At a bit higher price than the first recommended tripod, this Sony Tripod is undoubtedly among the very convenient tripod to use. It was made lightweight, and it comes with many special features to bring the maximum support for your camera and recording. While its pan head can be moved 360 degree, its legs can be extended between 21 and 56 inches. Generally, because the users find this very useful and portable, it is often their choice when they need a travel tripod.

3. Digital Concepts TR-60N Camera Tripod with Carrying Case

Digital Concepts TR-60N Camera Tripod with Carrying Case
Regarding the design, this Digital Concepts Camera Tripod is somehow extremely attractive. More importantly, it is being sold at a very low price compared to those similar ones outside in the market. However, the item was made with many features that have attracted the users a lot. An example of that would be its quick release feature which allows you for the easier installation. As well, the product comes with a carrying bag and was lightweight, which is best to carry around with when travelling.

4. Joby GP1 GorillaPod Flexible Tripod

Joby GP1 GorillaPod Flexible Tripod
Made highly flexible, as a travel tripod, this one is a great travel tripod based on its previous users. It is as well available in so many different colors you can choose. At the same time, its design is said to be extremely innovative and greatly adjustable. As well very important, to bring it with during your trip, you can simply store it in your backpack or even the jacket pocket. It is really portable.

5. Vanguard VS41 Flexible MiniTripod

Vanguard VS41 Flexible MiniTripod
Provided that you are looking for a travel Minitripod, this one is perfect for you. As it is small but long lasting to use, you surely can bring it with you anywhere without any irritation. The maximum height you can extend it to be is 16 inch, and that is enough for a normal self-timer shoot during your trip. Also very important to mention, it could provide the best stability and help hold your digital camera securely. What that is even best and most special about this Vanguard MiniTripod is the fact that it is now on a big promotion, and you can this home less than 5 dollars.

6. Professional 72-inch Tripod 3-way Panhead Tilt Motion

Professional 72-inch Tripod 3-way Panhead Tilt Motion
More of a kind of a professional tripod, it is also a nice tripod for your trip. Its maximum extension is up to 72 inches while it has an extremely attractive and compact design. Its legs were made into three sections with the Aluminum Alloy, and its feet was the non-slip swivel, providing secure stand for your camera. The carrying case is also included in the package. It is indeed a complete set for your journey.

7. Adjustable Zoom Camera/Camcorder Tripod

Adjustable Zoom Camera/Camcorder Tripod
Besides the strong and highly adjustable legs, this tripod has a few more features that it takes to win the order of many users. For one reason, this tripod was made with a 360 degree movable head which allows you to rotate your camera to any angle you like it to be. Based on many prior users, this tripod is as well really and strongly recommended to try. You are likely to have a great time shooting your videos with this.

8. Professional 57-inch Tripod 3-way Panhead Tilt Motion

Professional 57-inch Tripod 3-way Panhead Tilt Motion
Similarly to product number 6, this is another model from the same brand. However, this one was made with a shorter extension for its leg. It is actually less expensive, and it actually meets the demands and requirements of a certain group of users. If you are one of them, this might the ideal tripod for you. Compact design, lightweight and great durability are some other special features about this item.

9. Sunpak 2003 Pocket Tripod

Sunpak 2003 Pocket Tripod
Anyway, if you are looking for even a more affordable price, you can consider this SUnpak 2003 Pocket Tripod. It was produced with a small size for the portability reason and for those who have to bring it with during their journey. This Sunpak Tripod will allow you to capture your best pictures and moments nicely. Meanwhile, it has a strong grip to safely hold your camera in addition to its extremely stable legs.

10. Vanguard VS-30 Mini Tabletop Tripod

Vanguard VS-30 Mini Tabletop Tripod
This is also the Vanguard but a different model, coded VS-30. Yes, it is still a mini tripod, but it has a bit different design and some different features. With the 35mm digital camera, the pan head of this tripod, with the movability in two ways, will perfectly fit your camera. And, surely, as the tripod is made for the travelers, it has a lightweight and easy to store folded design.

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