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Top 10 the Best Way to Learn Spanish Fastest and Easiest at Home

Ten of the Best Fastest and Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish at Home written by: Emily Thompson Taking a Spanish course online can give you more choices apart from learning in the traditional sense like a classroom or laboratory.

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In addition, online Spanish websites is the smarter option compared to using software or downloading Spanish activities on your computer.

Nowadays, you can be an online Spanish language student simply by subscribing to a website. You will have access to podcasts, exercises, videos, online tutors, and vocabulary lists.

Preparing for your course

Before signing up for a Spanish class, there are some things you need to do. One of them is to find out your learning level. Some sites offer assessment tests for this purpose. After the test, you will know of you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. Another is to decide how much time you can set aside for studying the language.

It is important to note that daily classes help you learn faster than once a week stints. The third prerequisite is exposure or immersion. Watch Spanish videos on YouTube as well as Spanish movies. Joining a Spanish group or club to have actual practice is also a good idea. You can also search for free Spanish courses online. Now that you are all set, here is a list of the ten best Spanish learning websites.


There is no doubt about it; SpanishPod101 is the best online Spanish course available today. It is a great product and you will be surprised by the results. Learning a different language may be a difficult experience but SpanishPod101 makes it enjoyable and fun. The site offers a forum where students have the opportunity to learn as well as apply what they have learned.



NuLengua‘s unique one-to-one teaching approach focuses on immersion and this gives more control to you as a student. You are given a choice among the online native speakers available. Skype is used to speak with the Spanish instructors for video online courses, making it easier for you to learn the correct pronunciation as well as the structure and nuances.


Livemocha takes a different approach towards teaching Spanish and that is through interaction. It features a forum where you can find Spanish speakers who want to learn the English language and vice versa.

4. Living Language Spanish Platinum

The courses offered by Living Language Platinum were derived from the US State Department. They are actually based on the courses designed for US diplomats. While the approach may come as old-school by combining online lessons and textbooks, somehow it gets you more involved by the classic classroom experience.

5. Instituto Exclusivo

Instituto Exclusivo is a great Spanish online course because it simply works. They make full use of Skype to make learning the language effective. Instituto Exclusivo has qualified instructors who can teach Spanish to anyone on any level.

6. Speak Shop

8. Spanish at Home

The curriculum of Spanish at Home is a combination of workbooks and audio CDs, giving you quick access to lessons wherever you may go. While you are driving, you can play the CD on your stereo and you can also take quick lessons at the office. You can also start learning before the module arrives as it can be downloaded from the internet.

9. Radio Lingua

Also known as RLN, Radio Lingua is the perfect Spanish course for students. The lessons are accessible from many devices and different social media. RLN is focused on history and culture, making it ideal for intermediate students. The highlight of RLN is its forums which are dynamic and very effective.

10. Study Spanish

Just like the previous website, the main focus of Study Spanish is culture, which makes the course stand out from other Spanish learning sites. It has an approach to speaking the language that is well laid out.

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  1. Nice list! With the advances in internet connection in todays day and age, and the increasing rate of accessibility, learn Spanish with a live tutor over video chat is now a breeze. It allows you to focus on the most important aspect in learning a new langauge – Immersion.

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