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Top 10 Poorest Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

It is sad to note that most third world countries citizens lead very demeaning lives that are characterized by extreme poverty and clinging to a redundant way of life.

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Indeed the categorization of the poorest nations in the world is usually those that have a GDP/ capita that is less than $2,000.

Despite this prevalent poverty in these countries, there are to be found some of the most beautiful, vivacious and enthusiastic ladies. As would be expected these unfortunate girls are usually subjected to the most dehumanizing oppression.

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With a lot of them not being given the opportunity to pursue formal education or any endeavor that can effectively alleviate their sad status. Many a beautiful girl are forced into arranged marriages at very tender ages. Or act as the breadwinners of their families while also being expected to handle all household duties. The following is a list of top 10 poorest countries with some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

1. Afghanistan

Afghan Singer Laili Zahedi
Afghan Singer Laili Zahedi

The Afghan GDP/capita stands at $1,972.19 which makes it one of the countries suffering from poverty in the world. Islam is the national religion, and its statutes transcend into every aspect of living.

Most of the girls in this part of the world are widely acclaimed for their exceptional beauty that is largely characterized tanned complexion, lush and vibrant dark hair and mesmerizing brown eyes.

Sadly, all these features can only be appreciated by their close relatives and ultimately their spouses. Afghan women, particularly those that come from poverty-stricken families are forced to wear veils and burkas whenever they might be outdoors and can only do so when chaperoned by a male relative.

Naturally, these unfortunate girls are not given access to meaningful formal education, and are never expected to leave their homes. A huge number of Afghan girls aren’t allowed to work for a living, which essentially puts them at the mercy of their families and spouses.

2. Cambodia

 San Somaly, Camboida
San Somaly, Camboida

Cambodia is one of the poverty countries in the world and it GDP/capita stands at $945.99. Cambodian women are universally acclaimed for their exotic and alluring beauty and even sharp wit.

However, many of them live under extreme male chauvinism that characterizes this nation. Boys are given preference when it comes to education. The lives of poor girls in the rural regions usually revolve around performing menial household duties, taking care of their younger siblings and working on their families’ farms.

3. Bangladesh

Sujana, Bangladesh
Sujana, Bangladesh Source:

Bangladesh women are undoubtedly some of the most attractive in Asia, which stems from the wide ethnic diversity in this nation. Despite this, girls from poor families aren’t given the chance of gaining viable education, and are usually subjected to arranged marriages very early in life.

This country’s GDP/capita lies at around $747.34 which makes it one of countries suffering from poverty.

4. Ethiopia

Mahder Assefa, Ethiopia
Mahder Assefa, Ethiopia

Ethiopian girls are universally renowned for their unmatched beauty, which can be attributed to its mixed race background. The Ethiopian GDP/capita stands at $1,200 making it one of the most poverty-stricken nations globally. Most poor girls are to be found in the rural areas, and many live well below the national poverty line.

These girls don’t have access to meaningful education an

d their lives usually revolve around taking care of their families and farming.

5. Angola

Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011
Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011. Source

Angola GDP/capita stands at $5,484.83 which makes it one of the poverty countries in the world. Despite this, Angola women are widely acclaimed for their attractiveness. To make ends meet many of them engage in prostitution which is naturally a very demeaning livelihood.

6. Laos

    Alexandra Bounxouei Laos Singer, Actress
Alexandra Bounxouei Laos Singer, Actress

The ideal Laos beautiful girl has an exotic appearance, slender build, and remarkably smooth and clear skin. Most of the poorest Laos women are subjected to very oppressive lifestyles, and are usually the breadwinners of their families. The GDP/capita is currently $1,399.21, which speaks volumes about the miserable conditions these girls live in.

7. Bhutan

Crowned as the very first ever Miss Bhutan is Tshokey Tshomo Karchung
Crowned as the very first ever Miss Bhutan is Tshokey Tshomo Karchung

The Bhutan GDP/capita lies at $2,398.91. Unlike most other Asian nations, Bhutanese girls receive similar treatment to the males. Which means they can access education and even gainful employment. Nevertheless, many of them are forced by the harsh economical circumstances in this nation to lead domesticated lifestyles, especially those living in the rural areas.

9. Myanmar

Myanmar Pretty Model & Actress: Chit Snow Oo
Myanmar Pretty Model & Actress: Chit Snow Oo

Most of Myanmar women are noted for their beauty, and also receive similar treatment like their male counterparts. This country’s GDP/capita stands at $1,200 which makes most of these girls lead lives characterized by abject poverty.

10. Madagascar

Nirina Zubir, Madagascar
Nirina Zubir, Madagascar

Madagascar’s GDP/capita lies at $972.07 which naturally makes it one of the countries suffering from poverty in the world. Despite this Madagascan women are universally acclaimed for their unmatched and exotic beauty.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Poorest Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

  1. What a poorly written article that comes off as shallow and superficial. What about a poor country where the women aren’t as beatiful? I guess poverty is more intolerable if the people look good right? “Oh these poor countries that just so happens to have all of these beautiful women. What a waste.” Give me a break. What does this have to do with anything? Except insinuating is the best places to find a mail order bride or that women should try and find their sugar daddy. I’m a 3rd generation Afghani American woman btw.

    1. I agree, it is a shallow article. I would be interested to hear your view on the men & practices of the Afghani. An arranged marriage in country is the same as “Mail order bride”. Hard to have contempt for one without the same for your former countrymen, and ones relatives. Would you refuse a female relative to marry (if it were up to you) a man from outside the country? Would you marry a man if it meant you would have to live in Afghanistan? Just curious.
      I love my country , U.S.A. , but truely believe most all politicans & top federal position holders are traitors. As well as all corperate employeed lobbiest. Just because it is legal doesn’t make it right. Not exactly the same, but it is hard to hate your own.

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