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Top 5 Most Sexiest and Beautiful Chinese Actresses 2014

Some of the most beautiful Asian women in the industry happen to also be some of the most talented and sometimes even the most underrated actresses out there. You will be surprised on how stunning and diverse the beauty of Chinese women can be, where even the most beautiful Chinesenmodels can’t even compare to their gorgeousness.

5 Liu Yifei

5-liu yi fei

The triple threat Actress, Model, and Singer has been in the industry for quite sometime and is one of the most celebrated female celebrities in China. One of her most popular Hollywood movies was the Forbidden Kingdom which was starred alongside veterans actors including Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Li Bingbing, and Michael Angarano. Aside from her outstanding talent, she is also a very stunning and sexy woman with a statuesque figure at 1.70 height.

4 Fan Bingbing

1-Zhang Ziyi

Fan Binging is by far one of the most gorgeous women in the world and is very much adored and loved in China not only for captivating beauty but for her amazing talent as well. She has starred in countless movies in China as well as in Hollywood, and some of her most well known roles include Wu Jiaqi in Iron Man 3, My Fair Princess, and Lost in Beijing. She is such a versatile talent and has one of the most stunning figures out there.

3 Li Bingbing


Although not related to Fan, she is definitely just as beautiful and talented as her. Li alongside Liu starred in the Forbidden kingdom and also starred in the latest Transformers movie Franchise. She has very youthful and soft features which has made her one of the most appreciated beauties in China. Li has certainly become one of the most beautiful women in China for her grace, beauty, and talent.

2 Gong Li


Aside from being a legend in China, she is also and will always be one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in the country. She has won various international and local awards for her many roles in China and in Hollywood. Although she is best known internationally for Memoirs of a Geisha, she has been in countless other films that were worthy of the attention she received in that film.

1 Zhang Ziyi

4-fan bingbing

The tremendously talented actress is deemed to not only be one of the most sexy and gorgeous in China but also in the entire world as well. She is a living legend in the country and was even awarded with the Number 1 slot in the top “10 Most Beautiful Asian Women” created by FHM. In her career, she has been able to win 7 prestigious International awards for her various roles in Hollywood. In 2001 she was even named as the world’s most sexiest woman by Taiwan’s FHM, and until this day, she is well known for her utmost beauty and talent.

All of these gorgeous Chinese women have made such a powerful affect when it comes to entertainment in the industry and will always be some of the most beautiful women in the world. Chinese beauty is by far one of the most sexy and stunning of them all.