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Top 5 Most Sexiest and Beautiful Thai Actresses 2014

Apart from its rich history and culture, and exotic holidaying destinations, Thailand is also home to one of the most beautiful Thai girls in South East Asia that would leave any man desirous and every woman extremely envious. Here are top 5 most sexiest and beautiful Thai actresses 2014.

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1. Sonia Couling

19. Sonia-Couling-2
Her unique and striking features have seen her model for for brands such as L’Orea, Nivea and and Olay. She exemplifies the classical and rare beauty of mixed Thai and English descent through her electrifying eyes and soft and spotless skin. Apart from featuring in a number films she also hosted ad produced 2005 Thailand’s Next Top Model. Her almond shaped face and high cheek bones has made her one of the most sought after beauties for TV shows and films.

2. Paula Taylor

2-paula taylor
Perhaps her sexiness stems from her sparkly brown eyes and a strikingly unique smile. The Thai beauty made her on screen debut in The Amazing Race Asia 2. Her unique features caught the eye of producers and she has since played different roles in a number of films and TV shows in Thailand and Australia. Paula has a mixed descent of Thai and Australian.

3. Michele Waagaard

3-michele waagaard
Her confident and amazing smile not only make her pass as extremely beautiful but also surrounds her with an aura of sexiness. Michele has a long neck and a beautiful tall body that rivals most supermodels. The multi-talented beauty is not only an accomplished actress but also a singer and a TV presenter. What makes Michele stand out from her peers is that unlike most beautiful female actors in Thailand she is purely Thai. In essence, she is an epitome of beauty Thai.

4. Cindy Burbridge

4 - cindy burbridge
All her features are a testimony that she was cut out for the cameras. That is why in 1996 she was voted as the most beautiful woman in Thailand and chosen to represent the country in Miss World Competition. She has a mixed American, Thai, and British descent which has left her with unique features unrivaled not only in Thailand but South East Asia. Cindy has modeled for household brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Lavenus and Chanel. She is renown for her role in the film The King Maker.

5. Farung Yuthithum

Everything about Farung is beautiful and sexy. However, her dark eyes, bewitching smile, and shoulder length dark hair give her a dangerous look about her that is intriguing in a unique way. Her unique beauty saw her participate in 2007 Miss Thailand where she was crowned the winner. Her most prominent role as an actress was in the TV show, Sao 5, where she made several appearances. She has also featured in several Thai made films.

One of the most outstanding aspects about beauty Thai are beautiful That girls. The list of beautiful and sexy actresses is endless. However, this article has featured the top 5 most sexiest and beautiful Thai actresses 2014. Finding beauty and sexiness, and the intelligence to act in one package is rare by any standards. That is why the bevies mentioned here stand out from the rest.