Top 10 Best LG G4 Flip Cases And Covers Reviews

The G4 is finally here. As you mull over the idea of replacing your old handset with the new LG flagship, so should you be thinking about keeping it safe.


Options abound. You don’t have one or two cover options to choose from, but dozens of them. Whether you decide to choose on the basis of color, design, or their effectiveness in giving your handset far-reaching protection against anything thrown at them, the market has good cases for you.

For starters, no one needs to explain to you the importance of buying a good case for your LG G4. No one needs to remind you that your phone may slip through your grip and [accidentally] end up thudding on the floor. And in case this happens, you certainly don’t want that to be the end of your phone.

What about the scratches and the minor damages? Or perhaps you just need a new cover for the stylish bit of it.

Whatever the reason, your new LG G4 needs a good, quality cover. If not to protect it from the possible damages, then it should be to augment its physical splendor.

The good news is that you got options aplenty. Having said that, you can go through the following descriptions to select a cover that best matches your preference:

Buddibox Premium is a handmade Flip case, designed with a frontal flip cover that completely protects your LG G4 from cracks and scratches.

It also sports a magnetic clasp to secure your phone while letting you access all its function at the same time. Its interior has 3 slots that you can use to store your ID and credit cards, plus the other slot that’s specifically designed for storing cash.

The case can be folded to support a landscape viewing, in addition to arriving in a wide variety of colors that you can choose from.

The LG G4 fits snugly into this case. Besides, it features a front flip cover that protects your phone from scratches and cracks.

Then there’s the magnetic clasp that gives your phone maximum security, besides letting you access all the phone functions at ease.

In the interior, there are 2 slots for your ID and Credit cards, plus another slot that you can use to store your cash. Not to mention the foldable hind cover that allows you to position your phone horizontally for a landscape viewing.

Designed for the LG G4, the pouch protects your phone to the hilt while letting you access all its functions without being necessarily required to pull out the case.

In quick highlights, the case features a hard inside cover that ensures your phone is totally protected from any form of damage, a hand wrist strap for carrying your phone, 3 slots for credit card and ID, and a little pocket that you can use to store your cash and other stuff.


Levin TM flip wallet pouch is another leather case that ensures your LG G4 is totally protected from any form of physical damage.

It has two card slots and a pocket for storing cash and other valuables. More importantly, it can be folded into a stand in case you want a landscape view for watching movies or video chatting.

Roocase flip case is a perfect design that specifically works for the LG G4. It has a clear, exquisite design that features a dual layer with back protection and superior front.

The shield cover and 5H screen protector offers cut-outs for power and volume controls. Then there’s the drop protection and impact resistant layer that ensures your phone is completely safe from the usual wear and tear.

Demomm flip cover boasts of the card slots and an inner pocket for storing cash. Not to mention the magnetic clasp that keeps it closed and a foldable stand that allows you to watch movies or video chat in a landscape view.

The case arrives in form of an ultra-slim folio to minimize on the weight and bulkiness. Plus users have a wide variety of colors to select from.

LK wallet case for LG G4 is a premium quality pouch that also arrives with 3 card slots and an inner pocket for carrying cash.

Other features include a foldable-stand and easy access to the phone functions without necessarily being called for to pull out the case. Then needless to say, the case offers 100 percent protection against dust, knocks, damages and scratches among others.

This cover is totally compatible with the LG G4. In addition to being stylish, it boasts of an all-round protection and a new-fangled anti-scratch technology and anti-static element that ensures your phone is totally safe from any damage incurred as a result of scratches and dust.

That goes without mentioning the New-active Technology that’s specifically designed to give the case a more responsive feel when using the power button or pushing the volume. Then the Do-it -Yourself (DIY) feature that lets you customize the case over and over again for a more personalized feel.

Besides doubling as a viewing stand, kaleidio leather wallet has two wallet slots that you can use to store your credit cards and ID.

It also flaunts a magnetic closure flap that keeps it closed, and an overdrawn prying feature with a 3-sided construction for a longer and easier use. Every ordered package arrives with a dual-sided stylus and a pen combo with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Bestdeal white LG G4 case is a handmade 3D phone case that, besides being stylish and standing out from the other pouches in the list, boasts of a unique design that lets you access all the functions on your phone without being necessarily required to remove the skin.
It can also double as a view stand and, like all the other cases in the list, also features internal slots that you can use to store your ID, credit cards and cash.

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