Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Consumer Reports in 2021 Reviews

A massage chair is a very nice gift and important need for older people since a massage chair can offer them great relaxation. If you are looking for a nice present for your beloved parents or if you are looking for one for yourself, you are highly suggested to consider a massage chair. However, you will need to have enough information to pick up the best massage chairs possible. Below are the reviews of the top best massage chairs in the market recently. 

In terms of price, quality and design, this electric full body shiatsu massage chair is a very good option. It is available in three colors, and it costs only around 1000 US dollars. Comparing to the rest of the best massage chairs on the market, this price is just in the average price range. However, it is a full body massage chair which has many features such as the power roller to help reduce muscle stress and fatigue.

If you instead look for a much cheaper option, you can try Premium BestMassage portable chair. Firstly, this massage chair has been reviewed very positive from its customers. In total, it gets 4 stars out of 5. It is one of the evidence of its good customers satisfaction. This usually means good price with high quality. By the way, some of the main features of the massage chair are the ultra soft surface and the variety of chair adjustment. For now, 5 colors of the same product and design are available.

This is another good and cheap massage seat. It is light, and it can be brought and place anywhere you feel most comfortable to do your massage. More importantly, it can offer you the great relaxation after the massage. This is done throught its 10 vipration motor which can massage your neck, thigh and the lower area perfectly. Generally, it works in the 5 important zones, shoulders, back, lumbar and thigh.

Simply to the third product, Dr. School’s DR8573 is another awesome cushion massager. Differently from the big expensive massage chair, the cushion massagers costs much less expensive while it still can do a lot of work to bring relaxation to you. With the product, you can simply use it at home, office or even in the car.


Great design, cheaper in price, and effectiveness are the three words to describe this massage chair. It was built with 8 massage motor which can massage many parts of the body such as shoulders, back, thighs and calves. As well, it has 9 pre-programmed modes and 5 intensity level. This will allow you to adjust that serve you the maximum for the relaxation.

Authentic Beautyhealth is a very modern massage chair which is very good for older people. This product has been produced with latest technology in combination with many features and functions. With this Authentic Beautyhealth at home, your full body massage can be done any time. The two other main features about this massage chair is the Mp3 synched massage and the full body scan technology.

Having a modern design, many people have liked this massage chair badly. Most of them agree that this product could offer very well the relaxation they want. Some of the features which help make this happens are its adjustable massage nodes, the heating function, different level of vibration, and the auto shut up functions. This gives you full control to users, and it does offer users what they want.

Regarding the design and price, this Shiatsu massage cushion is very superior. As you may have seen in the picture, its design is just so elegant and stylish. On the other hand, it has many interesting features to attract the customers. First of all, it is its soothing heat. It can create a warm relaxing experience for the users. Even better, it has the two rollers traveling up and down to massage your body from neck to lower back. And, all the control can be used with the remote.

This number 9 product is quite similar to the Comfort product mentioned above. It is not strange because it comes from the same brand. However, it has different performance. Still, for the design of this model, it comes with two pieces, one is the chair, and the other is the footrest. With its remote control, it has the 8 vibration massage motors which will allow you to adjust the insanity easily. Another premium area is the massage chair was made from a soft, luxury microsuede upholstery.

The last massage chair is the portable Therabuilt. Regarding the customer reviews, it has got a quite high rate, and many customers like this product a lot. Some of the reasons behind this is that this massage chair is comfortable and effective to use. Also, it is light, and you can bring to wherever you want. While the priceline of this product is very reasonable, 1 year warranty is included to ensure even more reliability to the customers.

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