10 Poorest Countries With The Most Beautiful And Safe Places To Visit In The World

As most informed individuals would appreciate it is an undisputed fact that some of the poorest countries possess undoubtedly the most picturesque, beautiful and unspoilt tourist destinations. Indeed if these nations were given the financial stimulus to develop these magnificent terrains, which include scenic mountains, natural forests and tropical islands, they would be on the highroad to economic stability. Additionally, most of these impoverished nations are populated by extremely friendly natives, and the utmost safety of foreigners is not a significant factor when it comes to their tourism viability. As peace and tranquility are usually the order of the day. It is up to the developed world’s travel management services to make the effort of tapping into the boundless potential of these countries offer. Which will go a long way in safeguarding their economic interests. The following is a list of some of the most poorest countries with the most beautiful and safe places to visit in the entire world.

10. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations in Southern Africa, and indeed the whole continent. Its GDP/capita lies at $787.94 which makes it one of the most poorest nations in the world.

Some of its top tourist vacation attractions include the Victoria falls and the Zambezi river. This nation also boasts of one of the largest populations in the continent.

9. Comoros Island

The Comoro islands archipelago is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil and picturesque regions of Africa.

Some of its top tourist attractions include Mketi and Malore islands that offer pristine beaches with plenty of water sports opportunities. Mountain Karthala which is an active volcano boasting of the largest crater in the world can be the ideal spot for hikers and trekkers.

8. Kenya

Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in East Africa, and can be ideal for both business and leisure tourist despite having a GDP/capita of $862.23.

Its capital Nairobi is a metropolitan area that boasts of plenty boutique hotels that are all within a short distance form the central business district. Nairobi also has plenty of world class business centres where corporate functions can be held.

Kenya also has an expansive coastal strip that consists of clean sandy beaches, where plenty of resorts are located. For hiking and trekking enthusiasts, this nation offers Mountain Kenya ( second highest in Africa) and Mountain Elgon.

7. Madagascar

This African island is arguably one of the most enchanting regions of the world, despite of having a GDP/capita of $972.03. It is widely acclaimed for its unmatched natural beauty, and is home to thousands of plant and wildlife species that are not found anywhere else in the world. Some of its top tourist destinations as per the best travel agents include Nosy Be island, which offers some of the clearest turquoise waters in the world, and of course pristine unspoilt beaches.

6. Haiti

Haiti is unfortunately one of the most poor countries in the Caribbean and has a GDP/capita of $770.95. Some of its top tourist attractions are diverse tropical islands such as Petionville and Amiga which offer splendid snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. The mountain ranges found in the South can be a veritable hiking and trekking paradise.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is world renowned for its natural beauty despite being one of the most poorest nations in the world with a GDP/capita of $1,595.81. This nation is also one of the safest in Asia regardless of its tumultuous past.

Some of its top attractions include Nha Trang which is a seaside resort that offers unspoilt pristine beaches. The Cu Chi tunnels, a labyrinth of interconnected tunnels located 40 km from Saigon ,are also popular with tourists. Mountain Fansipan is Vietnam’s highest peak situated in the North West and is popular with hikers and trekkers.

4. Zambia

This nation boast of some of the most exquisite naturally sceneries in the entire African continent. Its GDP/capita lies at around $1,469.12, but can be the ideal safari vacation getaway. There plenty of waterfalls, rapids, cascades and even cataracts that you can explore. Zambia is also widely acclaimed for its wildlife and has 19 national parks.

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a GDP/capita of $2,923.13, but still offers many tourist attractions that the best travel agents rate as some of the finest in Asia. These include the Sijuriya Fort which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Galte, Bentota and Unawatuna Islands offer splendid surfing opportunities, while the Hikaduwa reefs are excellent snorkeling spots. The Yala national park is home to a wide range of wildlife including elephants and leopards. The hill country offers marvelous hiking and trekking opportunities.

2. Laos

This nation is landlocked,and comprises of mountainous terrain located in SouthEast Asia. It has a GDP/capita of $1,399.21. Some of the top tourist attractions here include the Pak Ou Caves situated on the shores of the Mekong River, which are home to plenty of miniature Buddha sculptures.

Travel management services in this country endorse the Wat Phu temple complex that is located at the base of Mountain Phu Kao, as invaluable archeological site. The plains of jars another top attractions is a large swarth of land dotted with huge jars of unknown origin.

You can also visit the Si Phan Din set of islands situated in South Lao. For hiking enthusiast the Louangphrabang offers plenty of caves and waterfalls to explore.

1. Cambodia

Cambodia happens to be one of the poorest nations globally, and has a GDP/capita of $945.99. Despite this, Cambodia is arguably one of the most scenic and tranquil nation in Asia, and boasts of diverse widely undeveloped tourism attractions.

One of its chief tourism areas is the Angkor temple complex, which is home to the breathtaking ruins of several power bases of the Khmer dynastic dating back to 9th century AD. One of the most spectacular of these ruins is the Wat temple that is the world’s largest individual religious monument.

The best travel agents in this region also recommend the Silver Pagoda as a must visit attraction in Cambodia, and it is home to exquisite Buddha statues in Asia.

There also several beach resort areas like the Sihanoukville which offer white sandy beaches, and undeveloped tropical islands. Which can be the ideal spots for utmost relaxation.

For hiking enthusiast, the Kirirom national park mountain range is the ideal area.

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