Top 10 Best Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen Protectors

Everyone thinks about the iPhone being the super smartphone. However, many are not aware that Samsung’s Galaxy had most if all the features, bells, and whistles a good 14 months before Apple put them into their flagship product the iPhone 6. So, those of you who own Samsung Galaxy have reason to feel smug. You also will want to protect your investment as well. That is the topic of our review. Your Galaxy’s screen is its most vulnerable part as it is a not only the screen with which you see and get all the information from. The screen is also a sensitive input device that lets you control and manipulate the data, send text messages, and otherwise control the myriad of Apps running on your smartphone at any given time. This is why you need to protect that screen and today we are going to look at the screen shields, which can do that as well as keep you screen from scratching or scuffing and many of you slide it into your pockets rather than have inside a protective case. We will list 10 of the best products to not only protect, but also permit crystal clear viewing of the information and icons on your Galaxy’s screen.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen Protector SUPERSHIELDZ® Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Screen Protector

To protect your Galaxy S6, you need a material that is tough and yet clear as glass.

The Japanese have come up with such a material, it is called PET Film, and that is what these quality shields are made from by Supershildz.

These screen protectors are thin enough as not to cut down on any of your Galaxy screen’s sensitivity and they offer 99.99% clarity. But, along with that, they provide you with rugged protection against scratches and wear on your touch screen’s delicate surface.

2. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin

There is nothing worse than dropping your galaxy. What adds insult to injury is that when you pick it up, there is a scratch right across the center of the screen that makes things almost unreadable, especially Text Messages.

To get around that you need IQ LiQuidSkin screen protectors.

You get an ultrathin protective covering that fits perfectly across your Galaxy’s screen. It goes on bubble free and when removed leaves no residue behind.

3. XShields© Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Ultra Clear) by XShields©

Why is it when you drop your smartphone it lands invariably on its face. 9 times out of 10 you are lucky the 10th however you either have a crack or if you are lucky it’s just scratched.

If you had Xshields over your screen, you wouldn’t have the scratches.

These shields install easily dry without water. They go on smoothly without bubbling or wrinkle.

4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus / S6 Edge+ Screen Protector, Dmax Armor

Your Galaxy’s screen when new is crystal clear, but as time passes it dulls with wear and tiny scratches appear after sliding in and out of your pocket up to 20 times a day under all weather conditions rain or shine.

If you want to keep your display bright and new you need to put a shield over it.

Dmax Amor gives you a transparent covering that stops this wear and tear by putting a barrier between your screen and the elements.

5. Skinomi® TechSkin – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Edge Plus Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty

A laser cut sheet of almost impenetrable plastic sheet fits your Galaxy S6 Edge that stands between your Galaxy’s display screen and the world, which wants to scratch and scuff it to unreadability.


Liquid installation allows you to position the sheet precisely to cover and have a bubble and wrinkle free shield that resists wear and gives you a “True Touch” feel.

This protective shell is UV resistant and wouldn’t yellow.

6. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Screen Protector, Spigen

You get both a front and back protection that on the front is optically transparent, resistant to fingerprints, and your skin’s oil.

Curved to fit your Galaxy perfectly and applies dry with no muss or fuss.

After it installation it will protect your smartphone from scratches and rough usage.

It allows your screen to respond to your touch as if there was nothing between your fingertip and the screen

7. EZGuardZ Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Optically clear and applies EZ. The EZGuardZ go onto your Galaxy S6 fast and after it is in place your display is protected from scratches and wear.

When it comes time to remove and put on another there will no residue left behind. Each sheet is precisely cut to fit your Galaxy for an exact fit.

Your display is now resistant to rough handling and the display will be clear and bright for a long time to come.

8. Klear Cut – Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Edge Plus

Made from imported Multilayer Japanese PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) You get a clear protective film that stops smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.

The silicon layer is specially formulated to allow the protector to go on to your Galaxy 6S with no bubbles and you get a smooth transparent surface that responds to your lightest touch and movement of your fingers.

You also benefit from Klear Cut’s lifetime warranty that will replace your protector if it gets worn or damaged in any way.

9. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / S6 Edge Plus Screen Protector Anti-Bubble

With ArmorSuit you get a lifetime Limited Replacement Warranty that replaces your Galaxy 6S screen protector if it should ever fail to live up to the high standards that are set with its use of Milliliter grade and self-healing materials.

Made In The USA as their logo states you get a clear protect shield that guards against scratches, dirt, and finger prints.

10. iLLumiShield – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Edge Plus Screen Protector

The ultimate in transparency coupled with a matte antiglare finish this multilayer screen protector.

It is made from imported PET from Japan that ensures you a anti-bubble, scratch resistant, and oil resistant covering for your Galaxy handheld.

This protector provides a shield that keeps your S6 safe against the environment that would otherwise mar its display’s surface.

The anti-glare feature prevents outside light from blurring or obscuring your display and yet allows the details from the display to project clearly for you to see.

Last thoughts

Protecting your Galaxy S6 Edge’s Display is of paramount importance. Over 70% of all accidents that happen to a smartphone are display related.

Scratches, cracks, and fingerprints are what you have to face in the day-to-day usage. Having a screen protector like those you’ve seen today go a long way to minimizing the effects of smudges, scratches, and fingerprints to your Galaxy’s display.

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