Top 10 Best Wallet Cell Phone Cases In 2015 Reviews

When people buy a new phone, they are most likely to also seek for a case as an extra beauty and protection for the phone. On the market these days, there are many types and designs of those cases. Nonetheless, many users have liked and chosen the wallet cases for their phone. That is why it can be seen that the wallet type case is quite popular. In case you are also interested in this kind of cases for your phone, the following list is right for you. They are the review of the top 10 best wallet cell phone cases in 2015 for you.

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1. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

 OtterBox iPhone 6 Case
The first lovely wallet case specifically made for iPhone 6 is the one from OtterBox. The case is as well the best selling item in amazon. This shows good satisfaction as well as the popularity users have on the product. Consequentially, it gets reviewed very positive from its users. Even more unique, the case was produced with many different layers to guard and help protect the phone to the max. Meanwhile, its design is very fashionable.

2. iPhone 6 case, Candywe

iPhone 6 case, Candywe
Next is another iPhone 6 case from Candywe. As it is mainly made for iPhone 6, you can expect the ideal fit of your iPhone to this case. Additionally, the case has a very stylish and elegant design while its high quality material will enable comfort and smart protection of your iPhone 6 from scratches or drop nicely. To allow you to store your cards, three slots have also been built in on the wall of its flip cover.

3. Galaxy S3 Mini Flip Case

Galaxy S3 Mini Flip Case
Instead for this item, it is another awesome case but for Galaxy S3. If that is your favorite phone, and you want to give it a protection, this flip case might be one of the best for you. Along with its great design in black, two card slots are also available for your storage. As for its material to produce this case, they are mainly the PU leather which is soft and durable.

4. Wallet Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S3

Wallet Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S3
With its creative design, this Wallet Pouch is another very nice case for Samsung Galaxy S3. At the same time that it helps your phone to look a lot better, its precise cut allows you to access any buttons and function of the phone perfectly. When touching this case, users will feel a soft and tough case skin at the same time. That makes it comfortable to hold and durable to use. Certainly, you will like this case like many other users do.

5. iPhone 6 Plus Case, I-Blason

 iPhone 6 Plus Case, I-Blason
I-Blason is another great brand offering many phone accessories on the market including this IPhone 6 Plus case. Needless to say, its design, as can be seen, is very stylish and trendy. For the external part of the case, it was made soft and durable in the meantime while internal part is made gentle and will not scratch your phone screen. For the usefulness reason, a few card slots and pockets are built in.

6. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, ACEABOVE

Galaxy S6 Edge Case, ACEABOVE
This is also another smart wallet flip case for Galaxy S6 Edge. It is beautifully designed in pink with a few card slots available on its internal wall for users to store different kinds of their cards such as the ID or credit card. Smartly, its flip cover can also be easily converted to the kickstand of the phone, allowing users to have a convenient watch on their phones. The main material brought in to produce this case is generally the PU leather.

7. Distil Union – Wally Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Distil Union - Wally Wallet Case for iPhone 6
Distil Union is an incredible wallet case for iPhone 6 you can also consider. Smartly, at the back of this case, there is a hidden pocket built in which you can use to store your cards easily. However, its overall appearance is interestingly attractive. Two aspects have been integrated to the case. One is the hard cover, and the others is soft real PU leather for the comfortable hold.

8. Candymaker Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 Case

Candymaker Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 Case
The Candymaker, on the other hand, is made to best fit Samsung Galaxy S5. Those Galaxy S6 has appeared, there are still many people who are looking for a great case for their Galaxy S 5. And, mostly they would land their decision on this Candymaker case. The flip case has a design in white with many bling rhinestones to beautify the whole look of the phone. More importantly, the case was hand made professionally. That is why it results in a very fine quality final product as so.

9. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Verus

Galaxy S5 Case, Speedtek
Elegantly designed for the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can more than likely trust the quality of this case from Verus. So far, the case has also satisfied the majority of its users, and it returns with a great customer review for the time. Additionally, what that is even more interesting about the case is its beautiful card storage at the back of the case. It is really a smart and unique design for the case.

10. Galaxy S5 Case, Speedtek

Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Verus
The last recommendation is also the case which is produced certainly for the Galaxy S5. Attractively designed in light blue, having this case on with your Galaxy S5, you will experience great softness as well as the long lasting durability. Even better, with its basic physical design, there are a variety of other different color designs you can also choose. You will love this case even more after touching and using it.

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